Idol Showdown – Guide to Unlockable Color Palettes (Cosplay)

A visual guide to the unlockable color palettes (cosplays) for each idol and what the cosplay is referencing.

Unlockable Color Palettes (Cosplay)


  • Cosplay 4 is unlocked by completing Virtual Frontier with that character.
  • Cosplay 5 is unlocked by playing online or offline versus with that character.
  • Cosplay 6 is unlocked by completing Arcade mode with that character.

In general, Cosplay 6 is a reference to another fighting game, such as King of Fighters, Street Fighter, or Guilty Gear.


  • Cosplay 4: Original Sora.
  • Cosplay 5: Tsukino Mito (Nijisanji).
  • Cosplay 6: Athena from KoF.


  • Cosplay 4: Alt outfit.
  • Cosplay 5: Sonic.
  • Cosplay 6: M. Bison from SF.


  • Cosplay 4: Alt outfit.
  • Cosplay 5: Aragami Oga (Holostars).
  • Cosplay 6: Ky from GG.


  • Cosplay 4: Alt outfit.
  • Cosplay 5: Inui Toko (Nijisanji).
  • Cosplay 6: Eltnam from TYPE-MOON.


  • Cosplay 4: Mel.
  • Cosplay 5: ???
  • Cosplay 6: Morrigan from Darkstalkers.


  • Cosplay 4: Aqua.
  • Cosplay 5: Shion.
  • Cosplay 6: Baiken from GG.


  • Cosplay 4: Aloe.
  • Cosplay 5: Dante from DMC.
  • Cosplay 6: Noel from BlazBlue.


  • Cosplay 4: Coco Kaine.
  • Cosplay 5: Melody (VShojo).
  • Cosplay 6: Potemkin from GG.
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