IgKnight Golf Defender – Custom Level Editor

In IgKnight Golf Defender, we have a text based custom level editor that you can use to create your own maps and control how many enemies will spawn, what types of enemies, their spawn position, their movement direction, their movement speed. 

How to create your very own custom levels

Getting Started

1) Create a text file in C:\GolfCustomLevels and name it as custom.txt
2) For the first line, type:

  • ,EnemyType,SpawnTime,SpawnTarget,MoveTarget,MovementSpeedMultiplier,BossAttackingLevel

3) In the next lines you can start creating the level data in the .txt file

How to read the level data

In this example above, the custom level will show the following:

  • Skeleton will spawn at 1.0 seconds at spawn position 1 and move towards target 1 at 1.1 speed
  • Flying skull will spawn at 3.0 seconds at spawn position 2 at 1.5 speed
  • Minotaur will spawn at 5.0 seconds at spawn position 3 and move towards target 1 at 2.0 speed 
  • Demon lord will spawn at 10.0 seconds at spawn position 3 at 3.1 speed and at attacking level 2

Each line will have a total of 7 numbers that are separated by commas and what they represent are:

The 1st number is just numbers increasing from 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, ….

The 2nd number is the enemy type: 

  • 0 – Skeleton
  • 1 – Flying Skull
  • 2 – Minotaur
  • 3 – Demon Lord

The 3rd number is the spawn time in seconds (up to 1 decimal place).

The 4th number is the spawn target location to spawn the enemy at (Enter values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

The 5th number is move target location that the spawned enemy will move towards (Enter values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (Note: Flying Skull and Demon Lord has a fixed move target location, just need to enter any number).

The 6th number is movement speed multiplier (up to 1 decimal place) to increase the speed of the spawned enemy with respect to 1.0 being the default speed.

The 7th number is boss attacking level and is meant for only the demon lord (0 means the demon lord will not attack, 1 means attack once with a downward strike, 2 means attack twice with diagonal strike) (For other enemy types just use any number).

Tips – Plot out on a diagram how you envision the enemy to spawn and move.

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