I’m on Observation Duty 4 – How to Unlock Secret Ending (The State of Timothy Achievement)

How to find the secret ending and unlock the achievement “The state of Timothy.” Don’t worry, no spoilers (other than how to access it).


I would first like to say, right off the bat, yes, the devs specifically put a tip in the main menu that says NOT to look for the secret, it will find you.

However, I played through and beat every single level, clicking everywhere (as that was how you typically found secret endings for the previous I’m on Observation Duty games) and found nothing.

Once I finally looked into it, though, I was disappointed to find that it was simply rng at the end of a full level.

How Do I Get It?

Since there seems to be no other guides on how to unlock achievements (though I much appreciate the anomaly guides from the community), I had to scour through playthroughs to find this secret ending/achievement. This is how I came to find out it was simply rng after finishing a level, and was about to waste hours trying to unlock it. However, I continued to watch one playthrough in particular:

(Time stamp: 11:51) and to my delight the YouTuber starts to replay a level, but proceeds to quit out of it and gets the ending anyway! After trying it maybe 5-7 times, myself, simply starting and quitting a level immediately, I unlocked the secret ending!

You will know you’ve gotten the secret ending when the screen is all black, you hear some noise/music, and it doesn’t load the main menu back up immediately. Instead, after a little bit it will give you a “yes or no” prompt. I believe I got the achievement just by getting the prompt at all, but I chose yes, as the YouTuber did in his video just to be safe.

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