Immortal Life – How to Raise Your Stats

More Divinity, more HP, more Stamina, more Stance… Your guide to personal improvement!

In the Very Beginning…

Chose +3 Divinity and +10 Hitpoints.

Check Your Mailbox

Yang and Mengqing will occasionally send you scrolls, letters, notes, whatever… that will directly improve your stats. So use them!


Eat the Lingzhi (Fire, Water…). Right away.

Build the Lecture Hall and Recruit Tingfeng

Before, you need to prioritize building

  • a) The Main Hall and
  • b) The Lecture Hall:

You can unlock teachers, or lecturers, through the ageless Tingfeng.

She’ll arrive after the Main Hall is finished.

Tingfeng will be staying at the Inn, in the upstairs room on the far right.

She will agree to be your first teacher and help you with recruiting other Lecturers after you finish the Quest “Gesture of Sincerity”:

For each lecture taken, you gain stat points and cultivation points.

Incidentally, your brothers and sisters will gain those cultivation points as well.

How to Book a Sect Course

Go to the big board to the left of the Lecture Hall. Interact with F.

In order to recruit Tingfeng, go to Lecturer Management (on the bottom left) and press “recruit”. You need to pay the 500 Spirit Shards, too, of course.

Tingfeng will now be available in the Course Reservation list.

Click on “Scheduled” first and then on “Complete course scheduling”. The course will be booked for the first slot on that day (if it’s not yet 11 o’clock) or on the following. The board should then look like this:

You can’t book a course late on the last day of a solar cycle, becasue you can only book a course for the current solar cycle.

30 minutes before the class starts, a paper crane will alert you and take you directly to the classroom, wherever you are.

Be alert if you are fishing at the time, since you might miss the crane and therefore, the class!

Invite More Lecturers

After your first course with Tingfeng, there will be more lecturers you can hire, costing you 500 Spirit Shards if they teach only one subject (tier one lecturer) and 1000 if they teach two subjects, which means you can raise two stats with one class (tier two lecturer):

Don’t try to unlock all the lecturers (unless there will be an achievement for that, eventually); just make sure you have teachers for all the stats.

I would advise prioritizing Divinity (better crops, better drops, more luminous sand), HP (less fainting), MP (more spells) und Stance (take less hurt, kill them faster). But that’s just my opinion.

As of now, there is no class that will help you raise your Stamina. Here’s hoping…

Don’t be fooled by the loading screen telling you that you can only take one course per solar cycle!

This is, in fact, wrong.

You can only take classes on one day per solar cycle (i.e. three days), but you can take up to three classes in a row on that one day !

Just book classes with three teachers and the three time slots will fill up:

While some Lecturers will come to the sect regardless, some have to be enticed with special gifts. Check out the list with Tingfeng:

After you have brought her whatever will entice them to pay a visit to the sect, they will simply be added to the hiring screen.


These are early stats:

If you hover over them with your mouse, you can see the maximum potential (here: for HP) that you can attain.

Now, taking courses will raise your stats, but of course, only up to the maximum potential.

The breakthroughs will raise your potential higher.

The developers tell us to wait until we’ve taken a few courses before we attempt our first breakthrough. Make of that what you will, but remember that losing those cultivation points will hurt.

I say: Don’t forget to go through with the breakthrough, as it will:

  1. Raise your Stamina by 40 points and
  2. Significantly increase your potential and thus, allow you to further raise all other stats by taking more classes!
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