Impact Point – Items Tier List

The List

Weapons are a necesary part of this game, if you wanna win, you have to use them (if you don’t manage to convince the entire lobby to press O).

There are 10 weapons and a bulletproof vest, that acts as a temporary shield.

Bellow is a tierlist rating every Item and bellow it, the explenation:

S Tier:

  • Sniper [Stupidly op weapon that 1 shots, and has 5 ammo (pls nerf)]
  • Crossbow [deals 75% of the players health, also shoots fast and accurately]
  • Bulletproof vest [protects 1 hit, very balanced]

A Tier:

  • Knife [1 shots the opponent, but you have to get very close to them to hit]
  • Minigun [Fast firerate, low damage adn bad accuracy I reccoment using close up with a vest]

B Tier:

  • MP5K [Hard to remember name, also decent shooting speed and accuracy, not high damage tho]
  • Assult rifle [good speed and range, 2 shots opponent]

C Tier:

  • Revolver [Slow assult rifle]
  • Shotgun [small range assult rifle, make it shoot more bullets]
  • Chaisaw [Similar to the knife but a bit worse]

D Tier:

  • Handgun [slow, takes 3 hits to kill, only good for the mobility or if there is nothing else arround]
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