Impact Point – Weapons Guide

Weapons and Their Massive Differences (Including When to Use)

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Impact Point is a top down shooter game similar to Hotline Miami. There are 10 items to use, with 9 being weapons. This opens up a lot of opportunities as to which you should use, which to pick up at times, and which to not use or avoid. (All weapons also have different movement debuffs, which will be visible while walking around).

One main note: Less damage -> more firerate (excluding pistol).

The Knife

  • The knife is one of the only melee weapons, along with the Chainsaw.
  • Damage: 1 hit to non body amour/2 hit with body armour
  • The knife is 2 slices (per second)
  • The knife has little to no speed debuff
  • Best choice when close quarter combat when enemy has NO body armour and you have body armour

The Chainsaw

  • The chainsaw is the second melee in this game.
  • Damage: 2 shot without body armour/3 shot with body armour
  • The chainsaw will go for as long as you hold it down for
  • Chainsaw has a little speed debuff, but not too bad
  • Best choice when close quarter combat with body armour against someone with body armour

The Body Armour

  • The Body Armour is not so much a weapon, but is a consumable item
  • It will take 1 SHOT off of any weapon (e.g. sniper goes from 1 shot to 2 shot, etc.)
  • Note: If you dont lose your armour, you keep it next round.

With Armour + Without Armour

  • These are the differences between a character with the body armour, and one without the body armour

The Pistol

  • The Pistol is one of the weapons that you shouldn’t pick up unless in an emergency, due to it being so bad
  • Damage: 3 shot without body amour/4 shot with body armour
  • The pistol shoots 2 shots per second
  • The pistol has the lowest speed debuff of all the weapons, but is slower than a knife/chainsaw
  • Best choice (if you have to use it) is when the enemy is one shot and/or to take armour off a person

The AR

  • The AR is the only automatic rifle in the game with first shot accuracy/ does 50 damage
  • Damage: 2 shot without body armour/3 with body armour
  • The AR shoots 2 shots per second
  • The AR is slightly slower than the crossbow and is similar speed to the shotgun
  • Best choice for general use, off of spawn or against basically any weapon (excluding sniper)

The Shotgun

  • The Shotgun is the only weapon in the game to have limited range/does 75 damage
  • Damage: 2 shot without body armour/3 with body armour
  • The Shotgun shoots 1-2 shots per second
  • The Shotgun is similar speed to the AR
  • Best choice for when your opponent is bleeding and is low enough/peeking battle with AR within range

The Crossbow

  • The Crossbow is a semi auto sniper (basically like a scout sniper in CS-GO)/does 75 damage
  • Damage: 2 shot without body armour/3 with body armour
  • The Crossbow shoots 1 shot per second
  • The Crossbow is the fastest gun other than pistol
  • Best choice if you want a 2 shot sniper like gun (unlike AR which has bloom)

The Sniper

  • The Sniper is the only gun that can one shot without armour
  • Damage: 1 shot without body armour/2 with body armour
  • The Sniper shoots 1 shot per 2 seconds
  • The Sniper is faster than the minigun, but slower than the AR
  • Best choice in general off spawn or in peeking battles against NO body armour

The Minigun

  • The Minigun is the slowest weapon compared to any other weapon
  • Damage: 6 shot without body armour/7 with body armour
  • The Minigun shoots 10 shots per second
  • The Minigun is the slowest weapon
  • Best choice if your enemy is trapped and has no melee/against a sniper with armour

The MP5K

  • The MP5K is a automatic SMG which also has bloom
  • Damage: 4 shot without body armour/5 with body armour
  • The MP5K shoots 5 shots per second
  • The MP5K is slightly faster/same speed to a crossbow
  • Best choice when you want to rush at people at full speed

Tier List

This will be showing a tier list of which weapons you should pick up over other weapons.

Those are the weapons, in my opinion (and Nayos) what weapons you should pick up over others.

Tips and Tricks

This is the final part of the Guide, about how certain tricks can help win you 1v1s and how to play the game overall.

General Tips

  • Always use SHIFT or X + Mouse to look around as it allows you to see much further and it helps with 1v1s
  • Always use doors as they count as cover
  • Practice peeking corners and shooting accurately and doing door peeking/getting door advantage
  • Always switch up your weapons for the scenario you are in
  • Always go for body armour
  • Always maintain the body armour if possible
  • Always stay aware of peoples locations and where they are moving to

1V1 Tips

  • Always try to maintain a good peeking angle
  • Try not to get in a draw from the 1v1
  • Use doors for your advantage and use rooms to your advantage
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