Incremental Epic Hero 2 – List of Bonus Codes

This guide is intended to give new players a listing of the existing bonus codes, what you get from each, as well as how to use them.

Bonus Codes

Bonus codes can be found in the developer’s discord and the patch notes.

Patch notes can be viewed in Steam on the game community page, as well as the game’s library page feed.

IEH Discord can be accessed by clicking the discord icon in-game at the bottom of the settings menu.
Bonus codes can be found in the path notes and announcements channels.

Codes can be input by going to the settings menu > Bonus Tab at the top > Green “insert Bonus Code”

List of known Bonus Codes

  • IEH2portalorb – 30 Portal Orbs
  • IEH2onemonth – 1000 Epic Coin + Proficiency Scroll [12h] x5 (Make sure you have space in your enchant inventory)
  • IEH2earlyaccess – Gives 100% or nitro cap (allows exceeding cap)
  • IEH2hapiwaku – Gives you 200 Epic Coin! (gave me 1000 epic coin on 09/09/2022)
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