Indigo Park – All Collectables Guide (Chapter #1)

Collectable Locations for Chapter #1

Lloyd Plush

You can find this plush right at the start, in the corner by the main gate.

Finley Plush

Look to the right of the Lloyd plush. It’s on some boxes.

Rambley Plush

Go into the generator room and turn right. You’ll see the Rambley Plush there.

Mollie Plush

Go through the main gate and turn right. Walk to the end. The Mollie Plush is on a bench next to the Lloyd wall art.

Raction Figure

After you enter the tunnel area, turn left into the woman’s change room. The raction figure is in the back right corner.

Rambley Ears

When Rambleys Railroad stops for the first time, follow the wire to the room with the gears. The Rambley ears are on a rack on the bottom shelf, to the right of the machine.

Souvenir Cup

After you leave Rambleys Railroad, go around the water fountain and turn right to the café de raton laveur. The Souvenir Cup is on the counter inside.

Gold Rambley Plush

There’s an unmarked building to the left of the information kiosk. Go inside and turn left. The Gold Rambley Plush is on the table of the first booth.


To get the Rambleberry, you have to beat the Rambley Rush arcade machine. To find the machine, go to Jetstream Junction and look for the small room to the right of the landing pad door. After you beat Mollie in Rambley Rush, the screen will glitch and force you out of the machine. The Rambleberry will be right in front of you.

Poodle Plush

To get the Poodle Plush, go to Rooftop Racers and take the stairs up. Turn left and follow the ramp down. Walk along the balcony until you reach the last chair. The Poodle Plush is sitting there.

Rambley Head

You can find the Rambley head near the end of the chase with Mollie. Just as you leave the landing pad and enter the backrooms, look for the Rambley head on a shelf to the right.

Retro Lloyd Plush

After the chase, walk down the hallway past the security door. The Retro Lloyd Plush is on a shelf to the left.

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