Infinite Tao – First Gameplay Guide

Basics of first game, how to win.

How to Start and Win


The game has multiple characters – each has their own specific abilities.

Talents are passive abilities for making your characters stronger permanently.


Skills can be upgraded with 3 of the similar levels.

  • Max level is 3.
  • From Lvl 1 to Lvl 2 = 3 Lvl 1.
  • From Lvl 2 to Lvl 3 = 3 Lvl 2.


Start the game with 3 skills.

Each realm require a set amount of spirit stone to unlock.

Or level up a certain amount of time to unlock more slots for skills.

For each real unlock will gain passive abilities in game, 1 of 3 choices.

The First Game: What Is Happening and How to Win

What is happening

  • The rules are basic, w a s d – to move around and shooting are automatic.
  • Spirit stones (main currency to upgrade and buy abilities in game).

This are given through killing enemies with chance or with each level up.

  • There are synergies on the left to show what can be linked with each other to be stronger (I am not hardcore enough to understand the synergistic nature but it’s all intuition).

How to win

  • Spawned in start kiting (attacking run circles around the enemy at a safe distance).
  • First level up buy a skill.
  • Second level up refresh the given skill option to gain 3 of the same skill (upgrades said skill to be stronger).
  • At least 1 AOE (area of effect) abilitiy to allow safe aggro.
  • Consistently upgrade and buy new skills.
  • Bosses are easily defeated with the first given skill if its at lvl 3.

Main goal: survive for 30 minutes.

Done you have won the first game and know the basic on what can be done in game.

Created by Rye

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