INPUT6 – Can’t See Menu Fix

If anyone had an issue like mine where the screen was all kinds of weird, this is how I was able to fix it.

How to Fix Can’t See Menu Issue

The Fix

  1. Press space through till you see the main menu, or at least parts of it. The way I knew it was the main menu was the little black background at the bottom with the text “Use W/S to highlight an option, Space to select, ESC to go back/exit”
  2. From here press S once, then space. This should take you to the settings and you might be able to barely make out a setting like “Custom Keybinding” or “Reset Progress”
  3. Now press “S” 6 times. Then space. Then press “D”, then space again. If it doesn’t immediately apply press “D” then space to apply the change

It looks like the setting that messes with this is the “Monitor Filters” setting. If anyone knows an easier way to change this like in a settings file somewhere let me know and I’ll update this with the location and value to change. I haven’t had luck in finding it so far.

Menu Issue Look

This is what the menu issue looked like for me. It happened when I first opened the game and again when I got to the official main menu:

Settings File Location

Placeholder until I can find the actual location of the settings file to change the setting directly.

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