Inside the Backrooms – Monsters Guide

A guide to each monster Inside The Backrooms, as the creation date of the guide.

Level 0 (Lobby)

Note: Credit goes to eg

This is the first section you enter. It has no monsters, so you cannot die here.

Level 1 (The Backrooms)

Radio Stick Man

  • You’ll most likely see him before he sees you
  • When near lights will change to a orange-like color.
  • He likes to pick corners and stand in them for long periods of time, but when he does move you will hear his loud footsteps.
  • He can only see you if you are close to him (a bit further from where the orange-lights start), you will know he has seen you by a loud roaring sound.
  • He is easy to forget, if you’re ever being chased just break sight from him, and he will slow down


  • Starting at the dog will make it stop moving for a moment, and moving out of view will cause it to slowly stalk you.
  • If you stare at it for too long, break eye contact, or start running it will start chasing you again.
  • The strategy is to stare at it as it notices you, and slowly move away around a corner, at which point you can run away and hide behind something causing the dog to move away.


  • The most annoying of the Level 1 Monsters
  • It cannot move, but it ill take a few moments for it to fade away.
  • It will only show up in areas without lights, it is not bound to set positions, but it does seem to prefer certain spots.
  • If a light breaks it can open a space for a Smiley to appear.
  • By looking at a smiley you will hear a distorted sound, causing your flashlight to flash.
  • The longer you look at it the more in danger you are of it instantly killing you.
  • The closer you are the more powerful the effect.
  • I am unsure was causes it truly attack, but it seems like: Touching it, or breaking Eye contact by looking away seems to trigger it.
  • The strategy I have found is that by looking at the sides of the smiley doesn’t seem to increase risk, meaning blocking the other side of the smiley by a wall can allow you to see, and wait for it to fade out. It cannot affect you while it is fading out

Level 2 (Parking Lot / Office)

Skin Walker

  • This Monster is easy to aggravate, as being close to it, being relatively far with him seeing you, or making sound (talking or whistling) will cause it to chase you.
  • It has somewhat good memory, so you will need to break sight from it for longer periods of time for it to de-agro.
  • The game speaks of it being about to smell blood, but I have never really tested this
  • Due to the size of the areas you will find him it is best to manipulate his easy aggression to move him out of areas you need to be
  • But if you ever need to break his aggression, for a moment after he has attacked you he will stay in place, and until he starts moving again he cannot agro you, meaning that moving behind walls, or pillars can be helpful

Level 2 (Party Room)

Party Go-er

  • This monster can only be found in the party room, The party room has 3 mini-games, each having 3 phases.
  • These mini-games scale in difficulty depending on what phase, and how many people you have in your lobby.
  • If all players die the phase is reset, and you will lose every gift/candle you have collected in the current phase


  • The monster does not appear in this phase, but that doesn’t mean it can’t damage you
  • Balloons will rise up from the ground, if all balloons are destroyed the next phase, or the next mini-game will begin
  • You have to destroy all the balloons in a time limit, signified by the sound of a ticking clock.
  • If you fail to destroy all the balloons by the end of the timer, the remaining balloons will fly to the closest player, and damage them.

Gift Maze

  • Once the last of the balloons are popped the message on the all will ask you to walk into the box under it.
  • Once all players have entered the box wall will pop up from the ground, and a timer will begin.
  • Gifts will randomly be put in the maze, finding all of these gifts will send you to the next phase, or mini-game.
  • The gifts will only appear once the timer has started, exploring before that will give you nothing, and may cause you to miss a gift.
  • If you fail too collect all the gifts in the given time (which will most likely happen), The lights in the maze will turn red, and the Party Go-er will begin searching.
  • If the Party Go-er finds you balloons will fly up from the ground, and prevent you from moving for a small amount of time, if you were too close to the Party go-er this will always mean instant death, but if you are far enough, you can quickly run to a hiding space.
  • The Party go-er will sometimes check hiding spaces, meaning nowhere is truly safe during the phase.

Invisible Maze

  • Similar to the last maze, you must find objects hidden in a maze, but this time the maze’s walls are only able to be seen by red lines on the floor.
  • You must find randomly placed candles
  • This is both an advantage, and disadvantage, as you can see the location of the candles, but usually not the direct path to get there.
  • The timer on this final mini-game is more forgiving, but when it runs out it usually means you will die, as the Party Go-er is not restricted by the invisible walls
  • The maze is shaped like a C meaning that heaving to head from one part of the maze to another may mean going the entire way around.
  • The best spot to be located is ironically in the corner the Party Go-er is, as this corner can take you to any part of the maze.
  • The Party Go-er cannot attack you until the timer is up.
  • The Final Door to escape will not show up until you have blown out, and collected the Red Keycard at the center of the room.

I recommend sending the person with moth jam to the center table, and wait until all other players have reached the corner opposite of the Party Go-er, as once the card is picked up the final timer will begin.

Level 2 (The Pool)

Legged Water Crawlers

  • In the final stretch of the game you will be in a large pool filled with randomly placed monsters that you cannot see.
  • You must use the motion detector to see them
  • They do move, sometimes randomly, but if the players gets in range of them, they will start to move towards the player, they are slower than you, but still fast enough to pose a problem.
  • I recommend trying to find gaps in their positioning to move through, If you thing the gap is too small to go through, it most likely is.
  • You may sometimes need to manipulate them coming after you to move them away from places you need to go.

After this point you enter the final room, which you cannot die in unless you have made a grave mistake.

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