Insurgency – How to Obtain Stronghold V Achievement

Get it from the first try!

Stronghold V Achievement Guide

How to Do It

  1. Play Co-op Outpost Mode Security Forces.
  2. Revolt map place B.
  3. At least 4 players should be with you, solo kinda impossible and hard.
  4. Every two players must protect one side!
  5. Use AN-M14 Incendiary (fire grenades) in every wave, at mid doors to slow them down, also they can’t enter the spawn and destroy the “cache”.
  6. Try to do it with your friends, because randoms are not always cooperative.
  7. We have a friend who joined the game after wave 10 and when we got 20 waves he also got the achievement, but it did not pop up at first until he entered the game achievements to check and it was there stronghold v.
Created by Crixus

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