Insurgency: Sandstorm – Avoid Molotovs in Frenzy

A guide to Flamer in the new gamemode ‘Frenzy’ as well as his dog friends.

Hi I’m Flamer

From my experiences in Frenzy

Flamer is a sad little bloke in a yellow tracksuit who sets himself on fire every time you play Frenzy, his main goal is to teach ya cucks a lesson about spacing and situational awareness. Flamer screams all day along so you’ll hear him coming running at you a mile away unless you’re an oblivious ♥. 

Every time you kill Mister Flamer he’ll always drop a molotov, that molotov he dropped will instant kill you no matter what armour you wore and how much health you had. Sadly if he is chasing you down like a thirsty virgin you’ll have no choice but to accept your death (Your mate kills him, he drops a molly and ur screwed). 

However I personally had evaded the chase by jumping (space) and crouch (For me it’s ctrl) midair while switching to my sidearm and dropped him.

Tip: Normally I would let my amazing team go in front of me as baits for Mr Flamer, but if you want to help out your mates you might just wanna sit back and take him out at range where flamer can’t do anything.

Picture of a molotov slipping from Flamer’s bum.

Flamer’s little dog mates

Frenzied are the normies that you’ll encounter during the majority of the match, each of them is 1-2 hit to kill and that makes them ez kills for you. You may also know that if these creatures rushed you in hords during a counterattack there will be hell let loose, but did you know that there’s one more trick up their sleeves that can make your Frenzy experience a pain in your bloody ♥?

They can throw molotovs with god-tier aim 

So they throw mollies like a mix of a howitzer and a self propelled arty. They’ll first throw the mollies sky high and then it’ll hit you exactly where you’ll be standing thanks to their built in hacks, especially some defending positions in maps like Ministry. They’ll torch the entire area on fire so you’ll either die from the molly blast or lose because you couldn’t get on objective. Also the bots are extremely aggressive and will run through incedinary grenades and take no damage. This is extremely annoying and cancerous so devs pls fix 😉

However I came up with a few tips to potentially help you to avoid being torched to death.

When you see him in this position he’s telling you to get the ♥ outta here because he’s gonna chuck a Molotov on you, so either save yourself by killing him, going inside a building or jump on top of an object to get away from the flame.

However don’t expect to stay in that building or position for long because eventually a second dog will jump outta nowhere and yeet a second molly that’ll end you.

And when you see a molly in that position, you’re screwed. You’re lucky if it hit a wall or the roof above.

And uh, here’s come pics of spots that you shouldn’t be peeking during a counter attack in some maps. (Balconies, rooms with a lot of windows etc).

And FYI, if you see something like this. Run. Don’t stop. I know you’ll be tempted to shoot at them but pls, run. I’ve seen 3 dudes die from 8 molotovs.

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