Into the Breach – Unlocking All Squads / Pilots & Changing Pilot Skills

A explained way to edit into the profile.iua file inside your profile folder.

Finding Your SaveFile

Just go to:

  • C:\Users\%UserName%\Documents\My Games\Into The Breach

And open the folder with your profile name (if you want to rename your profile this is a good time, just rename the folder), inside it you need to open profile.lua (preferably with Notepad++).

Unlocking All Squads

Now this is really easy you just need to change one line on the file. Search for [“squads”] and change it to look like this:

["squads"] = {true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, },

Each true means a new squad unlocked in the following order: (Rift Walkers, Rusting Hulks, Zenight Guard, Blitzkrieg, Steel Judoka, Flame Behemoths, Frozen Titans, Hazardous Mechs, Bombermechs, Arachnophiles, Mist Eaters, Heat Sinkers, Cataclysm).

This will give you the achivement “Metagame” and will also unlock the Random Squad, Custom Squad and Secret Squad.

Unlocking All Pilots

This is a bit more harder since you need to name each pilot you are unlocking but just find [“pilots”] and change it to this:

["pilots"] = {"Pilot_Original", "Pilot_Youth", "Pilot_Genius", "Pilot_Miner", "Pilot_Recycler", "Pilot_Aquatic", "Pilot_Repairman", "Pilot_Medic", "Pilot_Leader", "Pilot_Soldier", "Pilot_Assassin", "Pilot_Hotshot", "Pilot_Warrior", "Pilot_Rock", "Pilot_Zoltan", "Pilot_Mantis", "Pilot_Arrogant", "Pilot_Caretaker", "Pilot_Chemical", "Pilot_Delusional", },

There you will unlock all pilots from the core game, the pilots from the advanced edition and even the secret pilots… if you dont want to unlock a certain pilot just remove the name of it from the list.

This will give you the achivement “Come Together” but does not unlock “Distant Friends” since you didnt unlocked the secret pilots the legit way.

Core Game

"Pilot_Original", "Pilot_Youth", "Pilot_Genius", "Pilot_Miner", "Pilot_Recycler", "Pilot_Aquatic", "Pilot_Repairman", "Pilot_Medic", "Pilot_Leader", "Pilot_Soldier", "Pilot_Assassin", "Pilot_Hotshot", "Pilot_Warrior",

Secret Pilots

"Pilot_Rock", "Pilot_Zoltan", "Pilot_Mantis",

Advanced Edition

"Pilot_Arrogant", "Pilot_Caretaker", "Pilot_Chemical", "Pilot_Delusional",

Editing Last Traveler Skills

Now you need to edit [“pilot”] wich have a few more things to look at.

[“id”] = “Pilot_Chemical”

You need to change this in order to choose a different pilot, this can be done in the game first and then edit the file but if you want to keep the rest of the stats intact do it this way.

"Pilot_Original") Experienced: Gain +2 bonus XP per kill. (Ralph Karlsson)
"Pilot_Repairman") Frenzied Repair: Push adjacent tiles when repairing. (Harold Schmidt)
"Pilot_Assassin") Armored: Mech gains Armored. (Abe Isamu)
"Pilot_Genius") Starting Shield: Mech starts every mission with a Shield. (Bethany Jones)
"Pilot_Hotshot") Maneuverable: Mech can move through enemy units. (Henry Kwan)
"Pilot_Warrior") Preemptive Strike: Deploy anywhere on the map, damaging adjacent enemies. (1 power required) (Gana)
"Pilot_Recycler") Flying: Mech gains Flying (1 power required) (Prospero)
"Pilot_Youth") Impulsive: Gain +3 Move on first turn of every mission. (Lily Reed)
"Pilot_Leader") Sidestep: After attacking, gain 1 free tile movement. (Chen Rong)
"Pilot_Soldier") Evasion: Mech unaffected by Webbing and Smoke. (Camila Vera)
"Pilot_Medic") Temporal Reset: Gain 1 extra 'Reset Turn' every battle. (Isaac Jones)
"Pilot_Miner") Double Shot: Mech can act twice if it does not move. (2 power required) (Silica)
"Pilot_Aquatic") Fire-and-Forget: Move again after shooting. (1 power required) (Archimedes)
"Pilot_Mantis") Mantis: 2 damage melee attack replaces Repair. (Kazaaakpleth)
"Pilot_Zoltan") Zoltan: +1 Reactor Core. Reduce Mech HP to 1. Gain Shield every turn. (Mafan)
"Pilot_Rock") Rockman: +3 Health and immune to Fire. (Ariadne)
"Pilot_Arrogant") Arrogant Boost: Mech is Boosted if full health, otherwise -1 Move. (Kai Miller)
"Pilot_Caretaker") Reassuring Hand: After Move, Repair adjacent Mechs. (Rosie Rivets)
"Pilot_Chemical") Field Research: Mech gains Boosted on kill. (Morgan Lejeune)
"Pilot_Delusional") Chosen One: On Reset Turn, gain Shield and +2 Move. (Adam)

[“name”] = “Morgan Lejeune”
[“name_id”] = “Pilot_Chemical_Name”
[“renamed”] = true

This doenst really matter, its about if you changed the name of the pilot or not… if you want to rename it just do it in game.

[“skill1”] = 4
[“skill2”] = 5

Here is the core of the deal, now you need to change those numbers for the ones acording to the skill you really want here is meaning of the numbers:

0) +2 Mech HP: Piloted Mech health is increased by 2.
1) +1 Mech Move: Piloted Mech movement is increased by 1.
2) +3 Grid DEF: Grid Defense increased by 3. This affects the chance of resisting Building Damage in combat.
3) +1 Mech Reactor: Piloted Mech reactor increased by 1.
4) Opener: Piloted Mech gains +2 movement and Boosted on the first turn.
5) Finisher: Piloted Mech gains +2 movement and Boosted on the last turn of a battle.
6) Popular Hero: Pilot sells for 4 extra reputation.
7) Thick Skin: Piloted Mech is immune to fire and acid.
8) Skilled: Piloted Mech gains +1 movement and +2 HP.
9) Invulnerable: Pilot does not die when the mech is defeated.
10) Adrenaline: Piloted Mech gains +1 movement per Vek killed in battle.
11) Masochist: Piloted Mech gains +2 movement when not at full HP.
12) Technician: Piloted Mech heals 1 HP at the start of each round.
13) Conservative: Limited-use weapons gain an additional charge.

Note: Mafan cant gain +2 Mech HP, Masochist or Technician.

[“exp”] = 50
[“level”] = 2

This needs to be like that, at 25 EXP the Pilot is a Level 1 and at 50 EXP the Pilots is a Level 2, each level it gains a new Skill and Level 2 means Max Level. This will unlock you the achivement “Field Promotion” if you didnt had it already.

[“travel”] = 5
[“final”] = 1

Changing “travel” changes the times you used the same pilot in previous runs, “final” changes the times that pilot reached the final battle of the run. Im not sure if this can help to unlock the achivement “I’m getting too old for this” for its worth the try if you are looking for that.

[“starting”] = true
[“last_end”] = 1

Im not completly sure what this two means… just leave them that way, maybe I test what it does in a future.

For example if I want to have Morgan Lejeune with Opener and Finisher Skills I need to have this way:

["pilot"] = {["id"] = "Pilot_Chemical", ["name"] = "Morgan Lejeune", ["name_id"] = "Pilot_Chemical_Name", ["renamed"] = true, ["skill1"] = 4, ["skill2"] = 5, ["exp"] = 50, ["level"] = 2, ["travel"] = 5, ["final"] = 1, ["starting"] = true, ["last_end"] = 1, },

Final Words

Its recommended to back up the entire folder (just in case). Just be careful editing the SaveFile or you will mess up your progress, use this at your own risk. And if you wanted to experience the game as it was intended obviously dont do this.

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