Ion Fury – Keeping Your Game Uncensored!

Hold tight to your Fagbags, the censor-patch is incoming. A guide to preventative measures in troubled times!

Blocking Future Updates

  1. In your Games Library, right-click Ion Fury, then click Properties.
  2. Under the Updates tab, set Automatic updates to “Only update this game when I launch it”.
  3. Under the Local files tab, click “Browse local files…”
  4. In your installation directory, select the files fury.def, fury.exe, fury.grp, and fury.grpinfo. Right-click your selection, then click Properties.
  5. In the Properties window, check the “Read-only” box, and click Apply.

Bypassing Potential Mandatory Updates

  1. Download eDuke32 from the official website.
  2. Extract the eDuke32 archive into your Ion Fury installation directory.
  3. Launch eDuke32.exe, configure it to your liking, and give the game a spin.
  4. Once you’ve configured everything to your liking, untick the “Always show this window at startup” box.

From here, you have a pair of options:

  • Launching eDuke32 through Steam from a shortcut, which we’ll pretty up just a bit for your Library, or…
  • Simply renaming eduke32.exe to fury.exe, replacing the original so that launching Ion Fury from your Steam library will do so through eDuke32.
  • Replacing the original executable will let you run the game from its original Steam Library entry, which will retain its UI elements and shortcuts. This will, however, disable screenshots and other community features.
Created by The Sad Man

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