Ironsight – Beginner Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Ironsight Basics and Gamemodes

Ironsight is a fast pace futuristic military shooter about conflict between 2 organization, EDEN (Energy Development Enterprise Network) and NAF (North Atlantic Forces) for supremacy over the last natural resources on earth.

Theres 5 type of gamemode available for matchmaking on ironsight that has their own objective to be able to win.

Team Deathmatch (TDM)

Team deathmatch is a basic gamemode where you and your team kill the other team, with unlimited life, the first team reach 100 kill win, plain and simple.

Search and Destroy

Search and destroy is a gamemode that has an objective to defuse/plant bomb on specified location, each player has only one life and if killed will have to wait until the next round to respawn. player will change side after 3rd round.

Secure Point

Secure point has an objective to hold a random point that will spawn on the map, the more player inside the point capture the faster it will be captured. you have unlimited life just like TDM the first team win 3 round will win the match.

Resource Takeover

Resource takeover is a unique game mode on ironsight where the main objective is to takedown drones that will spawn randomly on the map. they will drop trinitium which is necessary to win the match so make sure your team pick them up after kill the drones. first team who take 80 trinitium from drones win. Also player has an infinite life.

Front Line

Front line is a game mode where the objective is either capture 2 point on the map or defend that point. the attacker will win after taking both point, and defender will win if the attacker failed to capture both point. player has infinite respawn.

Menus and Loadouts

Daily Rewards & New Player Freemium

When first time ironsight launch there will be a daily reward given for players from a gp point reward, supply boxes, weapon skin, and also chips. a new player also given the ability to get a freemium package for free on store, that give a bunch of free stuff, like skin weapons gp point and exp boosters, explosive, bullets and so on.

Daily Missions and Achievements

Theres a daily mission given every single day to complete that gives GP Points or chips as a reward, its a good way to make money in the game while also playing. daily mission usually is a simple task to complete like : Win 4 match, kill 15 player with certain weapons, or win a certain gamemode.

Achievement also can be a good way to get GP Points and also unlock some customization for your playercard like different icon and backgrounds


You can customize your loadout by pressing the handgun icon on top of the screen. by default you will given 3 loadout to choose and customized. You can change your main weapon and its attachments, bullets, secondary, lethal and tactical grenades, perks and also customizing your character.


Drone Types

There are 2 types of drone in ironsight, tactical drone, and offensive drone. as the name suggest offensive drones is specialized in taking down enemy, like blade drone, crawler, and firefly that can kill anyone if it exploded nearby, escort drone that fly above your head to help you taking down enemy, or hellbird to rain down chaos from above.

On the other hand theres a tatical drone that can do many thing to support your team, scouting or defending. theres spy drone and jammer drone that can reveal enemy location on certain radius from you, or mask your presence so you and your team hidden from enemy radar respectively, theres LaWS that useful to neutralize any drone on their line of sight, and so on.


Most Drones can be destroyed with bullets

If you hear that enemy UAV recon / UAV jammer is deployed don’t hesitate to shoot them down if you see them in the sky, not only that will give you score but also helping your team to attacking the enemy better. you can use your normal weapons, or emp launchers to take them down.


LaWS is a nightmare for player who use blade drone and hellbird, or any other flying drones. LaWS can destroy them in seconds, so make sure your team has someone carrying the LaWS.

Dont always ADS

In ironsight most automatic weapon has a pretty good spread while hip-firing, so at close combat just try to spread the enemy down instead of aim down sight since you can lose your enemy if the battle is too hectic, and aim down sight has a penalty to your movement speed so you cant maneuver as freely when ads.

Muzzle Break, Compensator, Modified Rifling, Precission Barrel

Its a brief description about what this attachments do:

  • Muzzle Break is reducing side to side recoil.
  • Compensator is reducing vertical recoil.
  • Modified Rifling increase weapon effectiveness in close range.
  • Precission Barrel increase weapon effectiveness on medium-longer range.

Fine Tune your sensitivity

When in-game you can change your in-game sensitivity by using ‘ [ ‘ to reduce sensitivity and ‘ ] ‘ to increase sensitivity.

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