Is Simon There? – All Endings and Achievements

Guide for all Endings and Achievements in Is Simon There?


This guide contains Spoilers, be aware! I suggest you play the game once before you seek help in this Guide for the Achievements or other Endings.

If you play through the game for the first time, you will most likely end up with Ending 1


Here is the List of Achievements for the Game and also how to get all the Endings.

Checkpoint Unlocked!

  • Will trigger automatically after you reach the Checkpoint (Unmissable).

Code Cracker

  • Open the Red Safe (code: 4351).

Memory Hunter

Get all four pieces of the photo:

  • On the small bed in the bedroom.
  • In Pointer/Clock Puzzle in the Laundry/Fusebox Room, allign all arrows inside the small area.
  • In the Red Safe, enter: 4351.
  • In the kitchen at the End, do not pick up the phone after waking up! just grab the Photo piece instead.

Achieve Ending 1

  • Just play through and pick up the Phone at the End after waking up again. Kinda Unmissable (Most likely to get this ending first playthrough).

Achieve Ending 2

  • Assemble the Photo in the Bedroom and grab the Key. Leave the House through the Backdoor and head towards The Grave of Simon.

Light Master

  • First open the Red Safe and grab the Red Juice.
  • Afterwards the Oven will show Red and/or Green lights.
  • The lights are connected to the Lightswitches around the House.
  • Try to make all Lights on the Oven Green.
  • You have to do the Puzzle Twice, kind of, once for the top row and once for the bottom row.
  • Just move around the house, switch a light on or off and check the oven, at some point you should solve the Puzzle and the Oven opens granting you the Achievement.

Lose your mind?

  • This is basically Ending 3.
  • You have to get the Red Juice from The Red Safe and solve the Oven Puzzle.
  • When you wake up, just follow the Arrows on the Floor towards the Entrance Door.
  • You will clip through the floor and land in the backrooms, trigger the Achievment and shortly after Ending 3.

Speed runner

  • Beat the Game in less then 20 Minutes.
  • You can not start from the Checkpoint!
  • Basically just remember when and where you trigger certain things. It’s fairly easy.
  • My 3rd try was around 16 Minutes.
  • Grab the Notes as quickly as possible, you have to wait at some points in the Game.
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