Isonzo – Bread Hunt Guide

How to get special medal Bread Hunt 2023.

Match Set-Up

It’s easiest to achieve with bots. On “Play” tab on main menu, click “custom match” on the right side of your screen.

Make sure to select:

  • Offensive: Mountain War
  • Starting level: Dolomiti
  • Advanced match options: OFF

Your load-out and perks don’t matter, but i highly recommend to JOIN ATTACKER SIDE! This gives you time to search for the breads in a peace.

About & How to Collect Bread

This medal can be achieved in 2 maps: Dolomiti and/or Piave. This tutorial will only show places in Dolomiti, because i found it easier to find them there.

Collecting bread is simple: you just have to jump and hit them with your body. Your character will make eating sound when you hit the bread.

Map of Breads (in Dolomiti)

Note! These maps miss a lot of bread locations as these are just locations that i happened to get.

When you make a new game (most likely, as collecting 10 breads in one match would be extremely hard) you can collect from the same places that you have already collected in previous servers.

First Sector:

Second Sector:

Getting the Medal

When the game ends, the medal will not show up in the end of match along with the other medals. This means you will have to go to main menu –> Profile –> Medals –> on the far right, under SPECIAL to check if you got it. Good luck!

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