Jacob’s Quest – Beginners Guide


  • F2 – Show FPS
  • F5 – Toggle Windowed / Borderless Fullscreen
  • F6 – Toggle Ratio
  • F7 – Speed up game (useful for grinding!)


Become a Legend in Jacob’s Quest, a JRPG that anyone can pick up and play. Save the four crystals of the world and prevent a vile plot from unfolding. With epic battles and world progression, Jacob’s Quest is the RPG of choice, in development since 2013.

Game Features

A huge elemental world to explore, with dungeons, puzzles and bosses to fight. Hand drawn sprites and excellent post-processing effects to modernize it’s presentation. A addictive soundtrack that immerses you in Jacob’s World, featuring electric guitar segways. Traditional JRPG gameplay with action elements- jump, hookshot and block puzzles are a plenty.

In classic 90’s fashion, battle your way through challenging battles and bosses with turn based gameplay with a huge spell and abilities roster.

Level up through experience and completing side quests.

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows 10 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD / NVIDIA GeForce / AMD Radeon
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Yes


  • OS: Windows 10 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel UD / NVIDIA RTX / AMD RYZEN
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 8 GB available space

Overworld Explained

The World of Jacob’s Quest is divided into four main locations, Hollow, Wellspring, Molten and Gale. You must travel to every location during events in the storyline in order to progress to the finale. You can only move onto the next area by accomplishing certain tasks. You’ll know what to do when those times arrive.

When you’ve completed an area, options become available on the screen that were not there before. Select them using the keyboard arrows and Jacob will walk there automatically.

Tip! Sometimes you may need to go back to places you’ve been to before!

When you move to a new location, floor or dungeon, it’s subtitle will appear on the screen to tell you where exactly you are. Very useful!

Whether you are travelling across the world or in a dungeon, you’ll encounter enemies. This is a key to improving your strength so don’t run all the time!

The Status Window appears in battle and on the field. During battle, all of your characters stats are displayed on screen. On the field, Only Jacob’s stats are displayed along with special items. Read this section to learn more about the status windows.

During Battle

The Status window shows the characters name, LIFE and MAGIC. Life represents the amount of collective damage that you can take. However, if your LIFE reaches 0, you will be Knocked Out. Your LIFE will display red if you are around 20% of your overall life. If your character is Knocked Out (KOd) he will be faint and unable to battle. The only way of restoring a knocked out character is by using a Phoenix Feather item, Life spell or by going to an Inn. If all of your characters during battle are knocked out then the game is over.

MAGIC allows your character to use spells of the WIZARD such as Magic (Fire, Thunder, Blizzard etc). If you run out of MAGIC, you won’t be able to use these skills. To replenish your MAGIC you must use Seeds, Elixirs (rare) or go to an Inn. Some characters also have the Osmose ability, which saps MAGIC from enemies.

On the field

While playing on the game field, e.g dungeons, towns, world maps etc. The status window will change to the one shown below:

As before, Jacob’s status is shown on the left part of the window, also with his current level and equipped weapon.

In place of other characters (Because you can have up to 4 characters at one point) The right section has new indicators of your current GOLD, MONSTERS DEFEATED and your LOOT. This is global to the game and will come especially useful when trying to complete achievements, or to just simply give you brag rights 🙂

You will find during the game that you will be referring to this window almost always to check that Jacob is ready for a fight, or if you’ve missed any treasures in that dungeon!

Additionally, status effects such as Poison will sap Jacob’s HP, and you can actually see this happening from this screen.

People Come and Go!

Throughout the game, people will join your party for a while and then leave. You can have up to four people in your party at one time. Depending on what preference you have set the battle system to (Auto or Manual) they will attack on their own accord. By default, manual control is given to the player, allowing you to choose from their diverse amounts of abilities!

Character Levels

You will notice that the first time you pair up with a character their level will be higher than yours. We recommend that during your travel you should try to get Jacob’s level as close to that character’s initial level in order to fight battles more easily in the future. Leveling up is one of the keys to survival!

We will make this brief in this section, but for more details please read the characters section for more detail.

Characters in Jacob’s Quest all have their own abilities depending on their class. For example, Jacob is a Knight, so he is restricted to Physical Attacks and White Magic.

Mages, such as Katie or Daphne have access to highly powerful magical abilities. You will all learn new abilities as you level up through the game.

There’s also characters who are one of a kind, such as Kaiden, who is a Thief who has his own unique skills and abilities, and Iassac, a Warrior, who has the potential to unleash devastating attacks. and status effects.

Depending on their class, characters can equip and all manner of different kinds of equipment. There are Five key equipment areas you should be aware of.

  • Weapon – Your equipped weapon. A character may even include two weapon slots that enable them to wield two weapons at the same time.
  • Shield- Your equipped shield.
  • Head- Armor for the head, which include hats and helmets
  • Body- Armor for the body including Cloths and Mail.

Accessory: Items that have unique protection abilities

In the Towns

You can walk around freely in the World’s towns without having to worry about encountering a monster for a while. Towns are great places to find out more information by speaking to people. All towns have inns that you can have a lie in for a while, and people that stay and sell items to travelers.


When you want to talk to somebody guide your character with the Direction keys on your keyboard and approach them. Press the Z key to talk to them.

Open all Chests!

You will find chests hidden in houses or scattered by the towns. Open them all, you never know what you will find!


All Controls in Jacob’s Quest er can be customized by pressing F1 at any time during gameplay. You can even play Jacob’s Quest with a XBOX ONE, PS4 or Switch Pro Controller!

The default controls are listed below.

Button Gamepad Keyboard Main Function

  • A Button 1 Shift Dash
  • B Button 2 Esc, Num 0,
  • X Cancel,
  • Menu
  • C Button 3 Space,
  • Enter, Z Action
  • Button
  • X Button 4 A Sword
  • Y Button 5 S –
  • Z Button 6 D Dragon
  • Claw
  • L Button 7 Q, Page Up Previous
  • Page
  • R Button 8 W, Page
  • Down Next Page

Main Menu

All sub-commands such as ITEM, STATUS, SPELL, EQUIP, KEY, SAVE, END and TROPHIES are all found on the Main

Menu. Simply press the X key or ESC key on your keyboard (depending on your controls) to bring up the menu. On the world map, Press the A key.

You can change to each sub screen by selecting it’s button and pressing Z. For example, magic can be used on the Field such as Cure by selecting Spell > Character > Cure > Use.

You can use items in battle or on the field such as Phoenix Feathers, Cure Ampoules, Seeds, Potions and Heal potions. Each item has a different effect. Key Items cannot be used.


Your characters carry items with them called the Inventory. For each item type, you can carry up to 99 of them. Some items can only be used in Battle while other items can be used in the Field. Key Items cannot be used due to their importance in the storyline, but can be viewed from the KEY sub screen.

Items that appear on the USE command can be used out of battle. Press the SHIFT key at any time on the Items or other screens to view more detail about that item.


Each Character, depending on their class, can all equip weapons. There are several types of weapons that you can find or buy, and ultimately, equip to your character. Characters can even use their fists if you remove their equipment but will cause less damage. Damage caused to enemies is based on the level of your ATTACK status which can be viewed in the Status Menu of that character. Depending on the rarity and strength of the weapon, some weapons do more damage than others.

Swords – Swords can be equipped by Knights and Warriors. Some swords can be held in one hand with a shield in the other while some are so heavy they require both hands (reducing your defense but raising attack).

Piercing – Piercing weapons are effective against flying or levitating enemies due to their use of projectiles such as Ninja stars or Arrows. A Bow is a prime example of such a weapon.

There are also weapons that come under a class of their own such as a Morning Star.


Some weapons include an Elemental attribute such as Fire, Ice, Holy, Thunder or Dark. Weapons with these types combine the strength of the weapon with elemental damage as well, effective against elemental monsters. Some weapons can even inflict status problems!


Each Character has their own status and attributes that can be viewed from the Main Menu under the Status Sub screen.

For example, this high level Jacob’s status is shown.

  • ATTACK represents the amount of damage your character can inflict on an enemy. The higher the number, the more the damage.
  • DEFENSE represents the defensive ability of that character and how much of a hit they will receive from an enemy.
  • WIZARD represents the magical ability of that character and how much their magic power will damage a enemy. SPEED represents the speed and evasion of that character and how the game decides who goes first in a turn (If your base speed is higher than that of an enemy’s, you will go first)

It’s very important that you save your game when playing any RPG type game that could throw you into a potential battle at any point which you could inevitably lose.

You can save your progress at any time on the field by selecting the ‘Save’ command on the Main Menu. From the Save Screen, you can save a total of four files, all of which you can overwrite if necessary. You cannot save during a battle.

If you fall in a battle, you get to retry it until you win. If you give up, you will get Game Over and will return to the title.

It’s recommended that you keep a save file before entering a major dungeon should you wish to go back to a town or elsewhere quickly. Once you enter a dungeon you may find it difficult to get out again!

Before entering a Battle, or changing location, your game will automatically create an AUTOSAVE.

Steam also uses Cloud Sync to keep backups in the cloud.

In order to grow faster, stronger and learn new abilities you must participate in a battle. Make sure you fight enough monsters to continue Leveling Up or you may not make it past a complex dungeon with many monster encounters or even a difficult Dungeon Boss.

  • Attack: Your character attacks the selected enemy with their equipped weapon.
  • Spell: Your character can use a special skill they have learned against an enemy such as Magic. You can even use them on party members for beneficial use.
  • Defense: Miss a turn but put your guard up halving or even missing damage
  • Item: Use an item in your inventory
  • BATTLE – Select Battle command
  • MANUAL – Battle Mode (Auto / Manual)


Some characters have access to special skills known as Magic (WIZARD). There are many different types of Magic, some beneficial to characters and some that do damage to Foes. Watch out though; as monsters have access to some of the most deadly magic themselves!

Black Magic are deadly spells used by Mages. Here are some of the examples of the types of Magic you will be able to use in the game at some point;

  • Fire1- Deals Fire damage to one enemy.
  • Fire2- Deals highly concentrated Fire damage to one enemy.
  • Fire3- Deals moderate Fire Damage to all enemies.
  • Fire4- Deals heavy Fire Damage to all enemies.
  • Blizzard1- Deals Ice damage to one enemy.
  • Blizzard2- Deals highly concentrated Ice damage to one enemy.
  • Blizzard3- Deals moderate Ice Damage to all enemies.
  • Blizzard4 – Deals heavy Ice damage to all enemies.
  • Thunder1- Deals Thunder damage to one enemy.
  • Thunder2- Deals highly concentrated thunder damage to one enemy.
  • Thunder3- Deals moderate thunder damage to all enemies.
  • Thunder4- Deals heavy thunder damage to all enemies.
  • Tornado – Deals heavy wind damage to all enemies.
  • Quake- Deals Earth damage to one enemy
  • Quakega – Deals heavy Earth damage to all enemies.
  • Non-Elemental, Powerful Wizard Spells
  • Flare- High, non elemental based magic to one enemy, its effect varies from monster to monster
  • Mega-Flare and Giga-Flare – Devastating non elemental based magic to all enemies, with a range of attack power.
  • Meteor – A powerful Armageddon type spell that brings meteors down on your foes. Only the most powerful of mages can learn this spell!
  • Ultima – The ultimate magic, the big bang, call it what you like, using this will eradicate anyone who stands in your way. Only true RPG masters can learn this skill.
  • Blind- Blinds an enemy and reduces the success rate of an enemies’ attack
  • Silence – Stops an enemy from using their voice to cast spells rendering their ability to use magic useless.
  • Sleep- Puts the enemy to sleep making them miss turns
  • Confusion – Confuses the enemy and makes them attack themselves or their allies

White magic spells include the beneficial spells such as Cure and Life, and potentially harmful spells such as White and Mega-White.

  • Cure1- Recovers HP of the target a little
  • Cure2- Recovers moderate HP of the target
  • Cure3- Recovers moderate HP of all allies
  • Cure4- Recovers high amount of HP to all allies
  • Life- Restores a ally from KO and restores their HP a little
  • Full-Life – Restores an ally from KO and fully restores their HP
  • White- Deals holy damage to an enemy. It’s attack power can vary from monster to monster. Especially powerful on Zombie or un-dead type monsters Mega White- Deals moderate holy damage to all enemies.
  • Giga-White – Deals intense holy damage to all enemies.

Skills & Special

Some Characters in Jacob’s Quest can learn their own set of special skills when they are a high enough level. Here are some examples of just some of the skills that they can use.

  • Haste and Hastega – Speeds up ally or multiple allies.
  • Wizard Bless- Increases amount of damage magic will cause.
  • Defense Bless- Increases defense status
  • Attack Bless – Increase attack power \ critical ratio Angel’s Snack – Removes all abnormal status from all characters in party
  • Angel’s Bless – Increases attributes of all characters in party
  • Fallen Angel- Fully revives all party members that haven fallen in battle.
  • Shade – Absorbs life of an enemy and recovers the user Osmose – Absorbs magic of an enemy and recovers the user’s Magic.
  • Mega-Shade – Deals darkness damage to an enemy.
  • Curse- Deals heavy damage and inflicts status problems Fatal Eye- Instantly kills enemy
  • Status Attack – Iassac has access to status attacks, which cause a different status effect to one enemy depending on which skill you choose.
  • Dual Attack – Attacks two enemies at the same time.
  • Double Attack – Attacks two random enemies or the same one twice.
  • Triple Attack – Attacks three random enemies or the same one three times.
  • Charge!- Forces all party members to ATTACK at the same time in one turn. This cancels all their previous moves.
  • TIP! – Iassac can dual wield weapons, meaning attacks such as Triple Attack will deal damage twice with each turn, meaning a total of six times if you have two weapons equipped in just one turn!

Sand Palace Help

If you are new to Role Playing Games then this mini-guide is here to help you get through the first dungeon of the game and on to your way to Wellspring, the land of water. If you do not wish to read this then please continue forward to the next pages.

  1. In the Forest of Silence- When you arrive in the Forest of Silence the mysterious old man will tell you to save the Crystal of Earth. Help the old man move the boulder out of his way and head to the east, and walk to Foresta.
  2. In Hollow, Katie Joins you- Take the tree wither you given by the old man to Katie and she will tell you to help her reach the evil tree in the Forest of Silence.
  3. Back in the Forest of Silence – After arriving back in the Forest of Silence, head north. Katie will cut a tree down with her axe and continue heading north to the evil looking tree blocking the exit. Now it’ time for the first boss of the game, Minotaur. Be patient with this boss but if he keeps on defeating you simply level up enough to around Lv.3 or 4 and he will go down pretty easily. Watch out for his Axe Cleave and Thunder attacks!
  4. To the Sand Temple – We’ve got to get some Elixir for Katie who is now suffering from the Minotaur’s poison. However you’ve discovered the box is empty and Kaiden will arrive.
  5. Leveling up before Sand Palace-With Kaiden in your party it’s now a good idea to improve your abilities a bit before you head into the big bad Sand Palace. Level up to an amount that you feel comfortable with and head into the bones across the sand.
  6. The first mini-maze – It’s pretty easy to start with. Find your way around the maze defeating enemies and opening treasure chests as you head towards the next door. Don’t give up if you get defeated.
  7. Across the waterway – Jacob can wade in shallow waters. Head to the west and go to the blocked tunnel. Kaiden will demolish with Bombs and will sell them to you. Head back to the east, there’s a Steel Helm you’re going to want to get!
  8. Trip Upwards– Follow the routes across the sand upward bound and down again. You’ll encounter many foes blocking your path. Dont fall in the quicksands, you’ll have to walk all the way back again.
  9. Last Area- There’s two paths here. The path to the left will lead to the next destination and the path to the right will lead to a room with treasures. Head there first, then to the room to the left.
  10. Room before… – Now we are in a chamber. There’s three doors here. One left, middle and right. Head Left and Right first collecting the treasure in the rooms then head to the door in the middle.
  11. Flamerus Rex- its now time for the big boss of this dungeon, Flamerus Rex! Meet the Boss! The fearsome Flamerus Rex is guarding some priceless treasure. He’s using the power of the Crystal of Earth, so watch out, he’s no normal enemy! You have to beat him so that Tristam will give you the Elixir that you need. Try Magic scrolls that you have collected, your sword or Kaiden’s special moves. Use Life when you need to and Potions to keep yourself going. Make sure you save your game before taking him on, he can kill you easily with his Rip Earth attack!

The Tower of Babil

Now that you’ve given the Elixir to Katie, it’s time to head off to The Tower of Babil.

  1. To the East! Head to the cave to the East underneath the Tower of Babil. You’ll now be in the Tower of Babil Basement. Talk to the old man and head off into the big doors.
  2. Explore! The tower is huge but many of its doors are locked right now. Open the way to Wellspring using the Sand Coin and open treasure boxes that you find on your way. Now head out the door to the Ice Valley Temple.
  3. Good luck! Now that you’ve arrived in the Libra Temple, Daphne will now guide you onto your next area of your quest. Good Luck !

The Dragon Claw!

During a certain point in the game, Jacob will gain the use of an artifact known as the ‘Dragon Claw’. It is both a weapon and a device known as a hookshot.

You will need to use the Dragon Claw in some dungeons in order to progress and solve puzzles. You can hookshot to a distant object (if you can!) Press D at any time to shoot the hookshot and Jacob will be pulled towards it. You can also use it to hit faraway switches to deactivate traps!

Tip: The dragon claw’s rope can extend quite far, so some things can be closer to you than they seem!


During gameplay, everything you do is recorded and you are rewarded trophies and achievements for accomplishing certain things. Other than for bragging rights, they can help you learn where to go next if you are stuck, give hints and show you your overall completion progress.

You can view your Trophies from the TROPHY command on the main menu.

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