JBMod – How to Spawn Ragdolls and Props

In this guide I will show you how to spawn ragdolls and props in JBMod.

How to Spawn Ragdolls and Props in JBMod

What!? JBMod can’t spawn ragdolls and props. JBMod BAD!! What!? It uses spawners for them!? It SUXXX!

No, You CAN spawn ragdolls and props in JBMod using console commands.

How to Spawn Ragdolls

Type “ent_create prop_ragdoll model models/kleiner.mdl” in the console. It will spawn Kleiner’s ragdolll on the floor where you are aiming. You can change “models/kleiner.mdl” path to other ragdoll’s file path.

For Example:

  • Gman ragdoll:
  • models/gman.mdl
  • Alyx ragdoll:
  • models/alyx.mdl
  • Barney ragdoll:
  • models/barney.mdl
  • Male Cheaple:
  • models/humans/Group01/Male_Cheaple.mdl

Warning: If you fail to correctly put file path for ragdoll JBMod will crash!

How to Spawn Props

Type “ent_create prop_physics_override model models/props_c17/oildrum001_explosive.mdl” in the console. This will spawn explosive barrel on the floor where you are aiming. You can change “models/props_c17/oildrum001_explosive.mdl” path to other prop’s file path.

For Example:

  • Van:
  • models/props_vehicles/van001a_physics.mdl
  • Car 03:
  • models/props_vehicles/car003a_physics.mdl
  • Horse statue:
  • model models/props_c17/statue_horse.mdl

For very big props you should better use Super Gravity Gun instead of Physgun. Type “give weapon_physcannon” and “physcannon_mega_enabled 1” in the console.

How to get other HL2 props and ragdolls file path:

You can use Garry’s Mod, open spawnmenu, right click on prop or ragdoll and choose copy on clipboard and then paste in the JBMod console and add .mdl at the end. Or you can upack Half-Life 2 manually and get files path there.

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