Jets’n’Guns Gold – Hacking Guide

Very short guide describing my method of reliably opening every single crate i come across.

Guide to Hacking

The Method

So, the method is as follows

The hacking minigame requires you to get a 4 number combination from the numbers 0-9.

In my experience the ideal method of opening up a crate has you doing this.

You enter 0123 then 4567 and then 89.

Doing this will only take 3 attempts and you will get info on which numbers are in the correct answer.

If you get 4 yellow boxes before reaching 89 you can of course skip checking them.

Once you know which numbers are in the combination it is a simple process of elimination.

Checking the different positions in the 4 digit code for each number. green boxes indicate you have guessed the correct number. yellow that the number is correct but in the wrong spot.

So you can guess various combinations using the correct numbers and by paying attention and not placing the same numbers into the same spots you should be able to crack open any crate

In case my writing is confusing somehow i made this little video showing off the process (You should be able to use your keyboard to enter the numbers, i used the on-screen number pad for clarity).

Every opened crate adds 10% chance for automatic hacking to succeed. 10 crates therefore means you are guaranteed to open every crate automatically which is of course quicker than solving the “puzzle”.

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