Junkyard Truck – Getting Started (Easy Start)

This is just a basic guide to get you going with an easy start. By the end of this guide you will have some money, food, drink, and a running truck.

Day 0

Note: Credit goes to Katie Suki

Waking Up

Upon first waking you will be upstairs in your garage. Check your computer and read the messages. Once you have read the messages, grab your cash from next to the computer. Pick it up with [Left Mouse] then add it to your inventory with ( I ). You should now have $500 cash. Walk downstairs and outside and get inside of your car.

The Car

While it means you are not stranded, it’s not the best option and the faster we can replace it with the truck, the better. It will backfire and make lots of noise. It also burns oil constantly.

[W][A][S][D] are the main controls, but do note that [SPACE] is your brake. Once you start the ignition, you’ll make a right turn and follow the road into town through mountains and over a bridge. Open the map with [M] if you feel lost. You are heading towards the car and recycle symbols. You’ll know you made it to town when you see the gas station. Once in town continue strait past a truck that has Baja upgrades. Follow the road around the left curve until you arrive at the junkyard.

At the junkyard, make your way inside. Converse with the man then buy the truck. You should now have $100 left. Your truck will be delivered tomorrow. It is time to go home. This is where we deviate for an easier start. When you are driving back towards town, after you curve to the right but before you go up the hill there will be an entrance to a suburbs block. You can see it on the [M] map.

Drive to the house on the map labelled with a J* and park your car out of the way to the side. You will find beside the house a golf cart. This is yours now, so take it and drive it back to the gas station and leave it in the gas station parking lot. Once parked at the gas station, pull out your phone [5] and call the tow company [E] and get a ride home. You should now be at home and have $70. Sleep.

Dawn of the First Day

72 Hours Remain

You will wake up. If you go outside your truck should be there. It is mostly in tact but needs a few parts. Lets fix that. Open your phone [5] and call the tow company [E] then have yourself and your truck taken to town. You should now have $20.

The Tool Bar

The number keys on your keyboard at the top will control your active item/tool. As of the writing of this guide there are seven tools.

  1. Hands (For grabbing/removing things)
  2. Socket (For tightening/loosening bolts)
  3. Battery Meter (For checking battery charge)
  4. Screw Driver (As of writing I have never used it)
  5. Phone (Call for a tow)
  6. Tire Gauge (Checks tire pressures)
  7. Crowbar (Removes tires from rims)

Other Notable Keys:

  • Tab – Opens inventory
  • M – Opens map
  • F – Toggle Flashlight

In Town

Once in town, get into the golf cart and head for the suburbs block. You should start to see black trash bags scattered in front of the houses. Load them into the golf cart. You should be able to fit about 4-5 in the bed and 2-3 more in the floorboard of the front seat. There should be a marker guiding you where to take them. Either way, they go to the trash can icon at the top of the map up the road from the suburbs.

Once you arrive at the drop off, place them into the yellow container. Each bag delivered nets you $10. Do this until you have at least $140. 2 full runs should net you enough if you can get 6 bags per run. Once you have the money, drive back to town and park the golf cart at the gas station.

Note: The golf cart is battery powered and it’s charge level can be checked by raising the bed and using the battery meter. Roughly 25% charge is enough to drive it to your house to place it in the charger in an emergency.

Fixing the Truck

As stated before, the truck is missing a few parts. These are easily obtained in the auto parts store.

  • $20 – Plug Wires
  • $25 – Fan Belt
  • $35 – Fan
  • $55 – Cam Gear
  • $20 – Air Filter (Carburetor) [Optional, will need at least $160 to buy it]

Some of the items can temporarily be stored in your inventory to make carrying them easier. Store them with the I key, then bring them back with the [TAB] key.

Open the hood on the truck. Remove the valve cover. Install the cam gear in the front of the engine. Bolt it down tight. Replace the valve cover.

Add the fan belt to the front of the motor. Add the fan to the front of the motor. Tighten the fan down. Add the plug wires to the distributor on the front right of the engine block.

The truck should now be able to crank and start. It might take a minute. Once it does, immediately reverse it to the gas station and fill the tank.

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