Jurassic World Evolution – Dinosaur Information Cheat Sheet

Have you ever wondered about the social or population needs of your dinosaurs before you first incubate them? Maybe you want to know the comfort threshold or habitat requirements of each individual dinosaur… This cheat Sheet has it all.

Cheat Sheet

When beginning to play the game in campaign mode, the needs of your dinosaurs are generally unclear until you first incubate them. You may incubate a dinosaur without realizing that you need 4 more of them to keep it comfortable. This will result in escapes and a decline in park rating. After searching for some sort of information sheet which enabled me to get a clear picture of my dinosaurs’ social, population, habitat and paleobotanical needs, I found a source on Reddit which showed it all. I then edited and neatened up all the information into a compact spreadsheet, and I will provide a link for you to view it.

The sheet is easy to understand. It is split into 5 sections: General, Social, Population, Habitat and for those with the Claire’s Sanctuary DLC, Paleobotany.

  • The general section shows the class of the dinosaur, cost at 50% genome progress, cost at 100% genome progress, comfort threshold, base rating etc.
  • The social section simply shows min. social requirement and max. social limit, and likewise, the population section shows the max. and min. populations.
  • The habitat section show the amount of forest, grassland and wetland needed to be comfortable.
  • And finally, the paleobotany section shows which plants each specific dinosaur prefers and which ones are harmful to it.

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