Just King – Food Guide

Simple food guide, text only.

Chef’s Food

Chef appears after the 7th Node, drag a Token to him to get a Food.

  • 1x gold for 1x food, Sells for 0x gold

Cheesecake+5% Damage, +5% Haste
Strategist, Hot Hands, Shady Business, Woodlander

Sandwich 16+5% Damage, +3 Health
Frenzy, Heavenly, Cold

Sweet Crepe+5% Haste, +3 Health
Protagonist, Deep, Yokai

Redwood’s Pizza+7% Damage

Sweet Pancake+7% Haste

Bitter Chocolate+5 Health

Halloween Food

Drops from Halloween Event’s Spooky Ruins node, enable it on Difficulty settings

Candy Corn+20% Damage

Epic Candy+20% Haste

Burnt Candy Apple+20% Health

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