Katana ZERO – Stealth Prison, No Casualties

It’s hard, but follow this guide and it’s 100% easier.

Alright This Is How To Have Divorce A Moment

Hide in cells and wait for guards to pass. Go under floor, throw bottle at fire alarm bell then jump up again when he’s passed, proceed and hide under stairs for next guard. Next go into TV room to watch the guard pass. Now this is the hard part. Outside wait for first guard to almost see you between the two stands and then slowmo jump and slice diagonally for hight. Let go off the movement before you land then duck under tables. Keep about a two table distance to guards and proceed to third table, wait for him to almost see you then do the jump trick, you should have enough time to get to the punching bag, duck there and then wait, proceed and duck under the smaller dumbells. Then either wait and do the jumping trick to land well behind the final guard there or go into the open and do it a little closer. Don’t try to hide at the stand.

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