Kenshi – Becoming a Landed Aristocrat in The Great Desert


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  1. Foot Soldiers (stats from mid 30’s to 40’s should be fine)
  2. Engineers (2 should be fine)
  3. Farmer(s)
  4. A decent cook/brewer (Alcohol is a good way to subsidize for building materials)
  5. Researched tech (around tier 3 is fine, the farther you go the easier it gets)
  6. Build stock (Building Material and Iron plates are a necessity!)
  7. Around 120,000 Cats (as Payments For UC and Traders Guild Alliances) 
  8. Several Pack Garru or bull (No seriously this is an absolute must!)

Why set up in United Cities territory?

Many would say that settling in an inhospitable desert is a bad idea. That isn’t completely wrong, however even though it is a dangerous environment and requires some forethought and prep work to accomplish it is by no means impossible. Compounded with that, the UC and Traders Guild do not have the highest grade weaponry or armor for sale. What it lacks in good Equipment it sure as hell makes up for with an accessibility of a wide variety of goods and massive store of Cats to trade with.

Where to set up?

Now you may be asking yourself, wherein the united cities is a good place to lay your hat and set up camp? Well if I told you that I would have to see your corpse off to the Skimmers. Ha, I’m just pulling your cloth pants, In reality, I haven’t seen all of what the UC has to offer myself. The Great Desert is such a large place there are probably about a dozen or so optimal spots you could set yourself up in. However, I can Give you a look at what my location scouting gave fruit to. Right smack dab in between the four major UC towns there is a good spot for building. Lots of flat ground, a source of copper and Iron, moreover access to a major trading hub in each cardinal direction. Heng to the south, Stoat to the west, Sho-Battai to the north, and Heft to the east.

Political matters

Of course, even if you come prepared with the things I told you, there will need to be some matters to attend to Immediately upon arriving at your chosen spot. The two major Factions you must appease so you settle in peace is the Traders Guild and the United City.

Note: by allying yourself with the UC and Trade Guild, your affinity with the Slaver faction will reach 100 if it was at 0. this will have the side effect of also not having to worry about slaver raids on your settlement

First of all, let us address the Traders Guild… Oh boy those snakes would sell their own skin to those freaks in Sonorous if they could make a Cat off of it. However, they are vital to make nice with If you want to settle in a central location that you can take advantage of. The easiest way to deal with them is to head over to Traders Edge in/by Heng. 100,000 Cats will get you an alliance (unless you have a settlement in their territory first, in which case it’s 75,000). The benefit is that you will not get harassed for ~3,000 Cat every two weeks.

Next is the United Cities. you could just bribe them like the Guild, however, I suggest using other means. there are three ways to gain favor. Money, Influence, and Force. Unless you have another 100,000 Cat or can fight like a god to bring in that Tin can Tinfist, Influence is your best shot. To Ally via Influence, you must Have and I quote…Ahem… “Control of a strategically impressive outpost will be enough to show your worth to us.” In any case, this alliance will cause the Rebel farmers and Anti-slavers to be hostile towards you. those Anti-slavers are to busy being free to come all the way to UC, and the Rebel farmers were always angry at your existence anyway…. we will deal with them soon.

The one loose end this will cause is the Ugh… Holy Nation… yeah they will very rarely stop being fanatical hypocrites to come after you, but UC will always get there first. A bloodbath will ensue outside of your gate, but the UC will always win with their much heavier armored infantry. So besides the occasional Skimmer, the Rebels are the only real threat.

Securing Peace

So the final thing to worry about in this situation is these farmer rabbles. This is where your infantry come in. North in the SinKuun province there is Fort Simon, the HQ for these pests. Go up there wipe em out, and do what you will with their leader. He has a 20,000 Cat bounty so that is another incentive to go. Once you finish there the Rebel farmers will be no more!

Expanding Horizons

Now all that’s left is to create whatever kind of beautiful town you wish! There are many ways to make money here, cactus rum, Grog, raw materials, robotics, medicine, weapons, armor, Hashish (If you are allied with UC I don’t think they Frisk you at the gate). So go out there and do what all Nobles in the UC want, to become stupid rich and flaunt it in everyone’s face for a living!

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