Kenshi – Interesting Facts about Animals

Here are some neat facts you may have missed about animals in Kenshi.

Kenshi Biology


They seem to be like a hybrid between a enormous shrimp and a clam. Their mouth parts are built for scooping so they are some sort of filter feeder, and they eat from the sand. I wonder what they are munching on down there.

The growth on their back could indicate deep sea trips but i`m not sure.


Beakthings have no eyes and no nose, however they do have a very long neck and ears like a dog`s. And their mouth is always in an open shape with a cone like structure. And they emit a strange sound as tho clicking a tongue, and that my friends is how they see!

Beakthings use their long neck and cone like mouth to emit a click over a long distance. Then send the sound beck to their ears. To even further this weirdness and make it even more likely. Did you know that early beakthings could talk? This would make finding prey very easy as you could hear them scream!

Beakthings also have a shell like growth on their backs, what this is to protect them from i am unsure. But i have theories. It may be to help them when they are young. Or it could be to help with acid rain. Or it could be used to protect from in-fighting for mates/territory. Or it could be to protect from cannibalism!


Crabs have inverted pinchers that have the larger side pointed inword. This leads to their strange way of attacking. Its more like a pistol shrimp then a crab as they pummel their prey with the spikes on the ends of their claws.

They also most likely use hissing for some form of echo location. Like a Beakthing.


Gorillos only have 2 fingers on each hand with a big claw at the end use for slashing. Their head also has tooth-like external tusks on their lips to further the damage potential of a bite.


Skimmers are HUGE mutated Ant-lions. When they attack they use their shovels to deal damage. The large white feather like growth around their face are like that of a moth`s antenna, and most likely used to pick up vibrations in the sand.


The blood spider is a relative of the skin spider so what is said for the skin spider most probably includes them. Skin spiders seem to be related to hivers in some way. The eyes, skin color, three fingers, and having almost no feet all point to this.

This would also explain why the bugmaster is able to get along with them so well.


Raptors are very bird like, that bent part of their rump looks like the featherless tail of a bird and they have the mouth pouch of a pelican. The texture of their skin is also that of a plucked chicken.

Land Bats

Land bats are bats that mutated after not being able to fly due to their wings getting sun-burned with no caves for them to go into.


A Garru`s tail is not just a tail, it is the end of their digestive system. In other words they use it to not get poop under their feet.


Bonedogs are really just larger dogs with an outer protective layer of bone plates like a Shek.

And Last and Kinda Least, Goats

Goats are just goats with an extended bone face mask connecting to their horns.

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