Kenshi – Safe Start

First off, everyone has a different play style, this just worked for me.

Safe Start

  • When you begin rush for the nearest friendly town.
  • You will probably be destroyed by anything you fight if you have low strength and endurance.
  • Depending on the town you should have easy access to Iron, and Copper. (Copper holds a better ROI).
  • Head to the Ore Vein within a safe distance of the city, mine until the node is full (this will help your strength).
  • Load up your inventory and keep mining as that will continue to help your endurance and strength.
  • Run back and forth selling to the inn keeper. (Will help your agility).
  • Buy backpacks, people and repeat.
  • At the end you should have a decent set of funds, stats and people. You wont win against a Holy Nation Soldier squad, but you won’t die from a random bandit.

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