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One of The Safest Places Raid-Wise

The west coast of Vain is one of the safest places raid-wise, and a pretty good newbie base location imo. It has no taxes, no hostile raids, multiple friendly caravans, all crop types can grow in the ground (some at reduced yields), the weather waters your crops for you, it has stone, copper, and iron, and the only hostile wandering squads are animals that ignore you if you have walls up. As well as it’s not far from civilization for trading.

The catch is that you need to research walls first if you’re too weak to fight the animals. Grab a house in a town and do a little research first, and once your walls are up the base would be safe.

For other safe bases, the mountains north of Blister Hill and around Rebirth are reasonably safe. Only having HN’s Prayer Day to deal with. Though getting good terrain and resources nodes may be tricky.

There is also the NE corner of the Burning Forest, it lacks any base raids. Though it still gets Dust Bandit taxes, and the rain 50% of the time is acid and will burn you alive without protection. Not to mention the wildlife is a ton of Blood Spiders.

The far tip of the Iron Trail way int he NW is also completely safe from raids. But it’s also so far separated from civilization that it is incredibly inconvenient to do trade runs.

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