Kill It With Fire – Halloween Update

Welcome back spider hunters for another update!

Each level has identical tasks to complete, I will be showing the location of the crystals long with upgrades/modifier locations. The rest is more fun to find on your own, Best of luck hunting down the candy!

Paranormal Contact


In the bathroom with the ritual

In the Closet, in a box

In the locked Drawer, complete 2 tasks to open


Complete all 5 tasks in the level and you can open this drawer

Last Rites

Crystal Locations

Bathroom in the corner

Gaming room, in the night stand

In the safe, behind the hidden bookshelf/door


Sticky Situation

Crystal Location

Garage with the ritual in there, check the wheelbarrow

In the starting room, check the top cabinets

In the washing machine, complete 2 tasks to unlock


In the oven at the starting room, must complete all objectives

Created by Foozo

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