Killing Floor 2 – How to Become an Indestructible Berserker

Fleshpounds and bosses hate this one trick!

Indestructible Berserker Guide

Medic RPG-7 + Melee of Your Choice

  • Step One: Get dosh
  • Step Two: Buy a melee weapon of your choice any will do, but if you want maximum healing you could go for hemoclobber.
  • Step Three: Buy medic RPG

If you are low on health you can either heal with syringe or you could do this.

Aim at a 30* degree angle down in front of you and shoot the medic missile. if done correctly you will gain health from the explosion.

To gain the full potential of the heal JUMP and whilst mid air aim down and a little bit in front of you so that the missile has enough time to arm.

You can also aim at walls and inch closer to get an idea of the arming distance once firing close to the wall. This will also heal you as well.

If you ♥♥♥ this up, pray to god that the fleshpound or scrake chasing you will show you mercy.

The Medic RPG can also be good with dealing FPs and QPs. normally 2 shots at most on HOE rarely 3 shots if you don’t aim for centre of mass.

You can basically do this with any perk, but dreadnaught beserker gives you the most health + with added armour you’re indestructible.

With the Hemo + RPG7 beserker playstyle you can substitute as a medic.

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