Killing Floor 2 – TOP 10 Official Maps

Top 10 official maps in Killing floor 2. What’s your favorite map in Killing floor 2?

Map #10

Santas Workshop

A change from the other maps with it’s own story and narrator. Can get annoying very fast. Enemies have their own skin. Plus has cool objectives you can do like arm a nuke!

Map #9


Lock down is cool I guess but not my cup of tea. The sectors are weird and you must go to a new one every round. I prefer the maps you can run all around at once.

Map #8


Lots of snow, Outpost is a fixed map so that’s good but I just don’t like it that much. Everything kinda looks the same. Just get the achievements and bounce!

Map #7


Cool voodoo magic floating sh!t. This map is really cool for training. Gives that real horror vibe that goes with the theme. Always a blast on this one!

Map #6


Prison has one of the coolest camping spots in a tower. The collectibles are bars of soap aswell. Reminds me of mob of the dead from cod. Who doesn’t wanna go inside the prison?

Map #5


Cool destroyed map that really does look like it has been nuked. Outside and inside structure. Fully open for exploration. Lots of cars and things to climb on.

Map #4

Steam Fortress

A really awesome steam punk setting. Lots of room and things to see. Great for training. Boss room is in another location. Announcer is funny.

Map #3


A simplistic map but that’s why I like it. Lots of room and places to camp. There’s an inside and an outside area. Kinda a mix of a lot of other maps. Love joining this map.

Map #2

Tragic Kingdom

This map really stands out from the others. The darkness sets a creepy tone and the rides can be turned on. I love camping at the merry go round. Map is kinda small so it’s harder to get around!

Map #1

Shopping Spree

All I can say is this map is just perfect for running and training. Doors can welded really quick and there’s multiple levels. The decorations are cute and who doesn’t like the mall? You can go into shops and have a shoot out with the zeds. It’s an all round funny map. One which i believe deserves #1.

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