Kindergarten 2 – Cat Collector Achievement Guide

How to Get The Cat Collector Achievement

Trade food for all three cats and give it to the proper owner.


  • Go through the “If You Can Dodge A Nugget Storyline”. Once it’s recess go to the dumpster and give Agnes the nuggets for her cat. Buy Ms.Applegate a soda so she will leave Nugget alone. Give Nugget the cat.


  • Go through the “Flowers For Diana” mission. When you get the vegan salad don’t give it to Felix. Keep it and skip to recess. Go to the dumpster area and trade the salad for a cat. Give the cat to Cindy.


  • Buy a burger at lunch. Make sure you have a passbook. Skip to recess. Go to the dumpster area and talk to Agnes. Trade the burger for a cat. Go to the boy’s bathroom and give the cat to the original hall monitor.

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