Kindergarten 2 – Full Walkthrough and Monstermon Cards Location Guide

A Tale of Two Janitors

Before School

  • Start off the day by talking to the OG Janitor, He will proceed to say he doesn’t know the name of the new Janitor. Speak to the new one to get his name. You will learn his name is Bob.
  • Return to OG Janitor to inform him of Bob’s name. Talk to him as you please. You will obtain a declaration of war. Bring it to Bob.
  • Return to OG Janitor saying you brought him the DoW.
  • Before school hours will end.

Morning Time 

  • Make your way to leave the classroom, Ms. Applegate will try to stop you and threaten to send you to study hall. Tell her you don’t give a ♥♥♥ and leave anyways.
  • Walk into the boys bathroom next to your classroom.
  • Talk to OG Janitor, He needs an elevator key.
  • Attempt to go upstairs, T-Posing hall monitor will try to stop you. Tell him you need to go upstairs, he’ll argue, return to get the Janitor who will proceed to beat the living daylights out of him.
  • Proceed upstairs into the science room. Talk to Monty to take his elevator key.
  • Meet with the Janitor downstairs to give him the key.
  • Bell rings.

Lunch Time 

  • The Janitor will talk to you though walkie talkie.
  • Talk to Carla and pay her $5 to distract the lunch lady and leave the mess hall.
  • Make your way upstairs into the woman’s bathroom.
  • Return downstairs into the men’s bathroom, use the key to get into the janitor’s closet.
  • In the closet, on the shelves grab the chainsaw.
  • Return back upstairs into the women’s bathroom to give the Janitor the chainsaw. He will proceed to give you Bobs head as the bell rings.

Study Hall 

  • Dr. Forehead will tell you to stay silent and behave, don’t say anything or he’ll literally shoot you.
  • Use up an apple (Enter) to get him to leave the room.
  • The Janitor will contact you, telling you to get rid of Bob’s head.
  • Grab the toy car from the toy box before leaving the classroom.
  • Head over to the mess hall to toss out Bob’s head.
  • Return to the hallway and place the toy car on the stairs.
  • Penny will walk in and tell he you’re looking for the Janitor is. Tell her he’s upstairs. She’ll trip and fall over the toy.
  • Make sure to take the glob of green goo from the smear on the floor before heading back to class.
  • Use up your final apple. 


  • Janitor will contact you again saying he needs help with the bodies. Agree to help him carry Stevie’s body.
  • Head over to Carla and Jerome fighting over the basketball. Help out Carla to hit Ms. Appletits in the head. Leave the classroom.
  • Make your way into the Janitors closet in the boys bathroom, Take Stevie’s Body that’s in the corner.
  • Head into the mess hall to get outside.
  • Head up to the dumpster near the top of the playground.
  • The dumpster’s locked. Beat on it a lil’ bit. Some old lady will pop out like “suh dude”
  • Give her the goo in terms that you can throw out you “trash”.
  • Leave the body with the Janitor and leave the school.

After school, he’ll stop you to give you Bob’s Toolbelt.

Flowers for Diana

Before School 

  • Talk to Nugget who’s currently stuck in the crawl space near the main staircase.
  • He’ll ask you to get help. Talk to the principle who will get the lunch lady to distract her for a bit.
  • Talk to Monty, get him to let you past Bob onto the handicap ramp for $3.
  • Grab the blue flower sitting next to Monty.
  • Head up the ramp to go inside the school.
  • Head upstairs to see the two hall monitors, the original hall monitor will give you a morning pass. Take it.
  • Bell will ring for class.

Morning Time 

  • Talk to Cindy to get her love letter.
  • Tell the teachers and hall monitors to f*ck off considering you have the hall pass.
  • Go into the science room and give Felix Cindy’s love letter. He will give you $3 for this.
  • Leave to go into the Woman’s bathroom to talk to Bob. Encourage him to bring flowers for Ms. Jigglytits during recess.
  • Bell will ring.

Lunch Time 

  • Felix will come talking to you saying Cindy’s a handful and wants vegan food. Deal with his ♥ and talk to the lunch lady.
  • Ask if she has anything vegan. Continue the dialog until she tells you to be patient. Your response should be “I wouldn’t?”.
  • Go talk to Carla to distract the Hall Monitor to get into the teacher’s lounge.
  • Go inside to grab the yellow flower in the vase.
  • Leave and grab your vegan food from the lunch lady.
  • Give it to Felix
  • Bell will ring.


  • Felix will come up to you saying Cindy wants him to ruin Penny’s morale. He will give you what looks like weed to stick behind the tree.
  • Stick it behind the tree.
  • Felix will get Penny, when she’s near the tree, shake the tree.
  • She’ll go running off opening the gate on her way off.
  • Felix and Cindy will be happy. Cindy will give you her flower.
  • Bob will come walking in with a bunch of flowers. He’ll run out causing him to drop them. Grab on of them.
  • Sell the “Weed” to Monty.
  • Run off to behind the school to grab the green flower near the dumpster.
  • The bell will ring, Choose to go to science class.

Science Class

  • Tell Dr. Forehead you’ve collected all the flowers. He’ll bring in a new plant.
  • He’ll leave the room to get notes.
  • Walk up to the flower to feed it flowers.
  • Feed the flowers to him in this order: Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red, Green.
  • Dr. Forehead will return and praise you on your actions.

He will give you a A+ Card before leaving the school.

The Hitman’s Potty Guard

Before School 

  • Start the day off by talking to Felix (Blue shirt). Continue through dialog then talk to Ted.
  • Go buy a battery from Monty.
  • Talk to Cindy. Tell her Ted needs her help.
  • Go back to Ted, and give him the gum to stick in a girls hair. He’ll stick it in Carla’s hair.
  • The bell will ring.

Morning Time

  • Head over to talk to Ted.
  • Go talk to Ozzy, and give him the battery for his favourite toy. He’ll bugger off to the corner of the room.
  • Talk to Cindy to start the distraction. They’ll start a “fight’ in the corner of the room, grabbing Ms. Jigglegate’s attention.
  • Grab the inhaler, and grab the weed as well.
  • Ted will run over to see if you got it, be proud cause you did.
  • Hall Monitor will give you a pass before the bell rings.

Lunch Time 

  • Ted will come talk to you, yada yada ♥.
  • Go buy a burger from the lunch lady, proceed to leave. She’ll fill out your pass and you can leave.
  • Talk to the hall monitor, give him the weed.
  • Head into the boy’s bathroom and get into the stall on the left.
  • Ozzy will rush in and cause a scene. After, you can leave.
  • Head upstairs to the vending machine to your left, buy the scissors from it.
  • The bell will ring.


  • Go talk to Ted.
  • Open the gate above him to go grab the green flower.
  • Both of you will go talk to Carla. Tell her you got her the scissors.
  • She’ll ask you to destroy his wheelchair.
  • Go sell Ozzy’s inhaler to Monty before you destroy his chair.
  • Return to Ted to proceed with the plan
  • Destroy his wheelchair >:)
  • Make sure you go to science class.

Science Class

  • Talk to Cindy about needing a distraction.
  • Head next to the computers to inspect the electrical socket.
  • Return to Cindy and give her the fork and flower.
  • Return to her body to grab the green flower.
  • Leave while you have the chance to, and grab Ozzy’s inhaler from his locker.
  • The power will go back on, and show Ozzy the green flower.
  • Bye bye Ozzy.

After School, Felix will hook you up with his Company Pin.

Opposites Attract

Make sure to bring Bob’s Toolbelt and the A+ Card for this mission. 

Before School 

  • Start the day by talking to Carla, Bet you can sneak in that nice firecracker.
  • Talk to Penny, who will take it from you.
  • Talk to Buggs, who will team up with you.
  • Talk to Penny again, and make friends with her.
  • Return back to Buggs, and show him the friendship bracelet she gave you.
  • Run up to the principal to get her Lunch pass.
  • Bell will Ring.

Morning Time

  • Head over to talk to Penny.
  • Ask her where she keeps her stuff.
  • Head over to the computer to complete your assessment.
  • Make sure you chose the spray bottle as your reward for completing the assessment.
  • Make you way out of the classroom.
  • Go downstairs into the other classroom, and ask Cindy for the doll she’s playing with.
  • You can either A) play house with her fully, or B) squirt her in the face with the spray bottle for the doll.
  • Ms. Appletits will throw you out, go back upstairs into the science classroom to give Cindy the doll.
  • Penny will give you a floppy disk.
  • Use up your last apple.

Lunch Time

  • Buggs will go talk to you, show him your floppy. Disk.
  • Leave the mess hall, show the lunch lady the pass.
  • Buggs will start a food fight downstairs, take the time to use her computer to print off the contents of the floppy disk.
  • Get the paper, and unlock the back door before she returns.
  • Head back to the mess hall and talk to Buggs.
  • Buggs will give you a walky talky.
  • The bell will ring.


  • Go talk to Monty, Fully finish his dialog.
  • Head through the back and use the back door to get into the principals office.
  • Head into the Woman’s bathroom to use Bob’s toolbelt on the air vent near the door.
  • Crawl inside to get into the science room.
  • Go to the other side of the room and change the class’ plans to Magnets.
  • Head back through the vent, back through the principals office to get back to the playground.
  • Use up your extra apple and head over to science class.

Science Class

  • Leave the classroom, telling the teacher you’re going to find the gear. Meet up with Buggs and Carla in the hallway.
  • They’re telling you to keep Penny busy. Go back into the classroom and grab the doll from under the desk and give it to Penny.
  • Return back outside the classroom to get the gear.
  • Get back into class and show the teacher you obtained the gear.
  • He’ll start up the magnet, ripping off Penny’s head. Teacher will go bye bye.
  • Bell will ring.

Buggs will talk to you outside and give you the Laser Pointer.

If You Can Dodge a Nugget

Make sure to bring Bob’s Toolbelt and the Company pin for this mission 

Before School

  • Talk to Nugget.
  • Go talk to Bob to give him his toolbelt to get him out of the crawlspace.
  • Talk to Monty to buy the lighter.
  • Talk to Nugget once again to offer friendship. He’ll wish to see a flower.
  • Talk to Bob in order to get past Bob to the wheelchair ramp.
  • Talk to Carla to sneak the lighter into the school.

Morning Time

  • Go talk to Nugget.
  • Nugget will distract Ms. Appletits for the both of you to leave for the boys bathroom.
  • Ms. ♥ will bring the hall monitor with her. Thank god.
  • Talk to the Janitor in the Men’s bathroom.
  • Head upstairs to talk to OG hall monitor, Show him the lighter in the blue locker.
  • Talk to Bob, and get the key from him.
  • Return downstairs to the Janitor to give him the key and get the shovel.
  • The bell will ring.

Lunch Time 

  • Nugget wants the nuggets. Shocking.
  • Go buy a burger.
  • Talk to Felix, show him the pin and encourage him to buy the other burger.
  • He’ll give you the other burger. The Lunch lady will proceed to go make more food.
  • Walk into the back to get the crate of nuggets. Give them to Nugget.
  • He’ll go slam his head on a wall. Take the nuggets into the teachers lounge after calming Nugget down and use the microwave to warm up the nuggets.
  • Bring them back to him as he’s still banging his head.
  • Bell will ring.


  • Head back into the school and into the teacher’s lounge.
  • Go go the vending machine to buy a soda. Any will do.
  • Return to Ms. Angrytits to give her the Soda.
  • She’ll back off and Nugget will dig. Nugget loves to dig.
  • Talk to Nugget to toss in all his new nuggets and jump right on in there.
  • He’ll complain about the leg in his new hole. Go take that leg.
  • Use up your last apple.


  • Ya’ll gonna be playing dodgeball. Use that trusty leg to dodge oncoming balls.
  • Your first move will be to go up.
  • On your next turn, You will go back in order to get the ball and hit another kid with it. Good ol’ dodgeball.
  • Next, you’ll move down to catch the ball after Nugget gets hit.
  • Team Nugget is victorious.
  • Bell rings.

Nugget will talk to you after leaving the gym, he’ll give you Monstermon Doll.

Cain’s not Able

Make sure to bring the A+ Card and company Pin for this mission. 

Before school

  • Start off the day by talking to Felix and showing him the pin. He’ll give you something to bring to Ozzy for him to read.
  • Go buy the hand sanitizer from Monty.
  • Go to Ozzy to give him the papers, and use the hand sanitizer to prove your hands are clean to him.
  • Head back to Monty to get him to read the papers. He needs money. Go borrow some from Felix to pay Monty.
  • Bell rings, head to smart class.

Morning Time 

  • Start by talking to Felix, tell him Ozzy understands the plan and he’ll explain his.
  • Complete the assessment on the computer. Accept the toilet paper from the rewards and leave the class.
  • Get into the woman’s bathroom, and clog the toilets with the paper.
  • Use the ladder to get up into the air vents.
  • Grab the jar of spiders.
  • Bell will ring.

Lunch Time 

  • Go talk to Felix and show him the jar of spiders.
  • Head over to talk to Nugget. He’ll need a shovel and an arm. Literally.
  • Take Felix’s pass and go talk to Carla who will give you the janitor’s key. Leave the lunch hall.
  • Head into the Janitor’s closet and take the shovel from the shelf. Bob’s gonna walk in and wonder but just ignore him.
  • Bell rings.


  • Talk to Felix to show him the shovel.
  • Go to the dumpster to get a passbook.
  • Beat on it and give the lady in there some food. Burger will do.
  • Head back to tell Felix you’re ready and head inside the school.
  • Monty knows what you’re up to and will blow off the arm of the hall monitor. Take his arm instead.
  • Bell will ring.


  • Talk to Nugget and give him the arm.
  • Go take Carla’s side with the basketball to hit Ms. Jigglytits to chase Jerome out of the class.
  • Head over to the classroom downstairs to grab Ms. Applegate’s stick from Jerome’s head. It’ll work well enough.
  • Meet the group outside and give him the stick.
  • Drop the spiders on Ted’s head down the hole.
  • RIP Ted.
  • Day ends.

After Gym, Felix will talk to you outside. He’ll give you a Semi-Legal Chemical that the pills were made from in the first game.

Things That Go Boom

Make sure to bring the A+ Card, Laser Module and Monstermon Toy for this mission. 

Before School 

  • Start off the day by talking to Carla. Ask if she wants the module.
  • Time to be friends with Jerome. Talk to Cindy, Tell her you thought you two were still together and then say “Ouch” for an apple. She’ll give you a tissue for your issues.
  • Head over to Jerome to give it to him. Talk to him and ♥♥♥.
  • Go back to Carla and update her on the situation.
  • Carla will go distract Bob for a bit. Use the new screwdriver to get Nugget out of the crawl space.
  • Bell will ring, go to smart people’s class.

Morning Time 

  • Go over and talk to Carla. She’ll give you the key that leads to the handicap ramp.
  • Head over and do your assessment, Grab the Spray. (I don’t think the reward matters here? I just chose the spray bottle.)
  • Ask to leave the room and Carla will bring you downstairs. She’ll distract Stevie so you can go past.
  • Use the key on the Handicap Ramp door.
  • Walk around to the front of the school and use the crawl space.
  • On the single box to the right, Use the squeaky toy you brought. Talk to Lily and Billy.
  • Head back out of the space and up the handicap ramp, Stevie will send you back to class like the strict lil’ ♥♥ he is.
  • Tell Carla and Jerome the new plan.
  • Bell rings.


  • Talk to Jerome and Carla. They’ll need you to get upstairs with Jerome.
  • Time to start a food fight. Talk to Buggs and ask him if he wants to. Jerome will give him the extra burgers he has.
  • Go buy a burger from the lunch lady and give it to Buggs to start the.. FOOOD FIIIIGHT.
  • Take this time to leave with Jerome and head upstairs.
  • Into the Girls bathroom with yee. Knock on the right stall.
  • Support Lily in this conversation.
  • Lily will try to leave but can’t. Use the Screwdriver t get into the Air vent leading into science class.
  • Change the plans to Robotics.
  • Bell will ring.

Study Hall

  • Don’t say anything t the teacher. Use up an apple.
  • Talk to both Carla and Jerome.
  • Take Carla upstairs to the girl’s bathroom.
  • Janitor put the lil explosive somewhere.
  • Take the cleaning spray down to the mess hall and drop it off there before returning back upstairs to meet Carla.
  • Tell her you dropped off the bottle and talk back to the Janitor.
  • Head downstairs into the Janitor’s closet.
  • Grab the explosive from.. what looks like a ♥ sink but who the hell knows anymore with this game. (Cart’s bag after looking at VOD. Don’t mind me).
  • Head back into the classroom and get back to your seats. Use up you last apple and go to science class.

Science Class

  • Talk to Carla.
  • Then go talk to Monty to get him to deactivate it. In order to do so for free he needs a date with Carla. Tell Carla about it, but she won’t be happy.
  • Tell Monty you got him the date, then get the explosive. Put the explosive under the press and squish that ♥.
  • Yay everyone’s smart. Bell rings.

Carla will stop you before you leave school and she’ll give you Laser Bomb.

Breaking Sad

Make sure to bring the Monstermon Toy and Semi-Legal chemical for this mission. 

Before School 

  • Start the day by talking to Ms. Jiggletits to annoy her.
  • Head over to Cindy and get her to cry wolf. (Responses: “I thought we were together” > “I disagree, you’re pretty awful” > “I’m always ready for a domestic dispute”).
  • Ms. Applegate will snap and start to beat her, but will be stopped and storm into the school.
  • Buggs will come talk to you about her almost being ready to snap.
  • Go talk to Carla to bet that you can’t sneak in the firecracker. Get the firecracker.
  • Talk to Monty to get up the handicap ramp.
  • Head into the school and into your classroom.
  • Place the firecracker into your cubby (Far left) and the bell will ring.

Morning Time

Head over to your cubby and pop the firecracker.

  • Witness the funniest cutscene in this game.
  • Tell Nugget what happened as he runs in.
  • Leave the classroom and go talk to your teacher who’s crying near the mess hall.
  • Talk to her about how she can’t get pills anymore; but you can make them.
  • Head upstairs into the Science class to talk to Monty.
  • Tell him what’s going on and that you have the chemical to make them.
  • He needs a Chemistry set and a few hair samples. This includes Nugget, Ms. ♥ and Billy.
  • Head over to the vending machine after Dr. Forehead kicks you out. Go buy the scissors. You’re gonna need them.
  • Head back down into your classroom to tell Ms. Applegate what’s needed.
  • She will proceed to chase Nugget out of the classroom. Good ol’ kindergarten.
  • Bell rings.

Lunch Time

  • Go talk to Monty who’s telling you to talk to Carla. Monty will give you his elevator Key.
  • Tell Carla you snuck the firecracker into the school. She’ll hook you up with the chem set.
  • Go buy a burger and leave.
  • Use the elevator key to head down into the crawl space.
  • Use the Toy near the furthest right box to bring out Billy and Lily.
  • Tell them what’s going on.
  • Bell will ring.


  • Walk over to Ms. ♥ to give her the scissors to cut Nugget’s hair.
  • Get the scissors back from her and make your way into your classroom.
  • Go take the money from Ted’s cubby before using the elevator pass to head back downstairs.
  • While the monster is distracted with Lily, Cut the hair from Billy’s head and head back upstairs.
  • Return to the playground to give Monty back his elevator card.
  • Bell will ring, Pay to go to Science class.

Science Class

  • Talk to Monty, he’s going to give you a few items to use in order to distract the rest of the kids in order to give up their turn on the chemistry set.
  • Talk to Ozzy first, show him the green flower. He’ll bugger off.
  • Next, talk to Cindy and give her the gem. She’ll fully leave the classroom.
  • Last of all, Talk to Penny and give her the doll.
  • Monty doesn’t know what to mix the chemical with. Mix it with the red. Otherwise, explosion.
  • Ta daa, he’ll give you a pill and the bell will ring.

Ms. Applegate will stop you before you leave and you give her the pill. In reward, she’ll give you a Remote Control which is used for Penny.

Creature Feature

Make sure to bring the Monstermon toy, Remote Control and Laser Bomb for this mission. 

Before School

  • Start off by talking to Monty and buying a battery off of him.
  • Head over to Penny and use the remote on her. Place the battery in the remote.
  • She’ll shoot Nugget out of his crawl space.
  • Head into the crawl space and squeak the toy near the box.
  • Talk to Billy and Lily. Give Billy the remote to Penny.
  • Leave the crawl space.
  • Talk to the principal to get the lunch pass to be with her.
  • Bell will ring.

Morning Time

  • Billy will be hanging down from the ceiling, go talk to spiderman.
  • He’ll need you to recruit friends.
  • Talk to Buggs and use the remote to summon Penny. Press the Green button to summon her.
  • She’ll come over like ‘wtf’ and press the blue button.
  • Give Buggs his knife back.
  • Proceed to talk to Cindy. Tell her you need help to kill the teacher.
  • Continue dialog with her, she’ll want you to stick gum in someones hair.
  • Press the green button and put the gum in Pennys hair.
  • Press the Yellow button as she tries to send you to the principals office.
  • Dum dum. Lunch time.

Lunch Time

  • Billy will call you over to talk to him.
  • She’s gonna give you the listening device.
  • Give Carla the spare bomb in trade for the listening device.
  • Go talk to Nugget, give him the Jackhammer to dig his Nugget cave.
  • Time to go into the nugget tunnel. Tunnel, not a cave.
  • This leads into the teacher’s lounge.
  • Place the listening device under the desk while Mr. Forehead is busy.
  • He’ll kick you out after Nugget gets his nuggets.
  • Tell Billy you placed the bomb.
  • Use the lunch pass to see the principal.
  • She’ll leave the room and you’ll take your move. Lily will come get you, Go to the woman’s bathroom.
  • Grab the knife and stab Ms. Applegate.
  • Bell will ring.


  • Go talk to Nugget to get into the Nugget cave.
  • Lily and Billy are both waiting for you. It’s time to bring out your ultimate weapon.
  • Leave the nugget cave, go see Penny’s who’s guarding the school doors.
  • Use the remote on her and she’ll cave in to the nugget cave. *Ba dum tss*
  • Head to the dumpster behind the school, and you’ll see Carla trying to get inside.
  • Tell her no one’s in the school, and that Penny’s gone. She’ll go blow up a hole in the teacher’s lounge.
  • Make your way in the janitor’s closet.
  • Go snap Bob out of his trance. He’ll grab the axe to go protect the kids from the monster.
  • Go back outside into the Nugget Cave and talk to friendos.
  • Realize you could’ve grabbed the doll from Ms. Applegate’s classroom before jumping down but you didn’t. So go do that.
  • Return back outside to the Nugget cave and give the doll to Penny.
  • This will end your turns.

Secret Lab 

  • Principal’s being a royal meanie and will transform the trapped kids.
  • Head behind you to the coloured switches. Use the green one and press the button.
  • Grab Penny’s head and press the red button.
  • Use the blue switch to move the claw left, and then press the button.
  • Use the red switch and press the button to grab the principal.
  • Continue with the dialog, this will refresh your turns.
  • Round 2. Fight.
  • Use the green lever to move it left, and then press the button.
  • Move over to the red lever, move it left twice, then press the button.
  • Everyone will leave happily with Bob guarding the door. He was successful. 

Everyone will begin to leave, Ozzy will have Madison back and you’ll say goodbye to new friends. Billy and Lily will give you a monstermon card, and A Guide for all Cards and Outfits.

Monstermon Cards 

Quite a few of these cards require battling other students, there’s no specific cards you’ll need in order to defeat them. If you fail, just retry. They’ll normally give you the win anyways.

The order of these cards will be from left to right, up to down on the bookcase. Lots of these cards can be obtained through normally doing the mission quests and is most likely the easiest way to do so, while just slightly going off path. 

You do not need to complete the day in order to keep the monstermon cards. You can restart somewhere in the day there’s another opportunity to get another card.

Blue Cards 

#1: Celestial Slug – Go through the mission “The Hitman’s Potty Guard,” Instead of going to science class, go to gym and get Ms. Applegate to leave the class. Return outside to get the card from Monty who’s on the ground still.

#2: Hard Boogar – No particular mission need, Just pay Monty to use the Handicap ramp and get the card on the side of the building.

#3: Bucket o’ Water – Easiest way I found was to do the mission “Tale of Two Janitors,”, and grabbing the Monstermon card in the cleaning cart while grabbing the chainsaw.

#4: Pale Tuna – Go through the mission “If you can dodge a Nugget,” instead of giving Nugget the nuggets, go to the dumpster to give them to Agnes. Obtain her cat, Tenders, and give the cat to Nugget instead. He’ll still hate you though.

#5: Ultralodon – Go through the mission “if you can dodge a Nugget,” Grab the leg and grab the change from the skeleton’s wallet. Instead of going to gym, go to science and match the leg with the one in the science classroom. 

#6: Carnivorous Nimbis – Do this any way you want, Just make sure to get a soda from the teacher’s lounge and give it to Buggs during Gym near the water fountain. 

#7: Tiny Squid – Do this any way you want, Just get into the science class. Pick up a slide, and get a sample from the fish tank, observe it under the microscope. This will only work if the teacher is in the room. 

#8: Coral That Looks Like A Hand – Defeat Carla in a Monstermon Battle.

#9: Hermit Frog – Easiest way was to do the mission “If you can dodge a Nugget,” and get Ms. Applegate to leave the classroom. Proceed to take Monstermon Card from the cubby.

#10: Castle of Sand – Do this any way, just get to recess and climb up the rock-climbing wall. Don’t touch any of the gray rocks as you will fall. Won’t die, but it’s just annoying.

Red Cards 

#1: Man On Fire – Obtained by completed the mission “Breaking Sad.”

#2: Chair of Spikes – Do this any way you want, just sneak into the girls’ bathroom and touch the couch. There’s a Monstermon card in there.

#3: Cigaretmon – Do the mission “Creature Feature,” while the school is on lockdown, the two hall monitors are in the boys bathroom. Hook them up with the lighter you obtained from Penny while getting Buggs’ knife back.

#4: Dune Worm – Obtained by completing the mission “If you can dodge a Nugget.”

#5: Stressed Llama – Obtained by completing the mission “The Hitman’s Potty Guard.”

#6: Cyclops Duckling – Get to the playground and complete the swing puzzle. The order for the swings are: Yellow, Blue, Blue, Red, Blue, Red.

#7: Teenage Mutant Zombie – Defeat Nugget in a Monstermon Battle.

#8: Lonely Dragon – Get to recess while holding a burger and unused pass, Give the burger to Agnes in trade for her cat. Use the pass for the bathroom and give the cat to the hall monitor in the boys bathroom. 

#9: Million-Head Hydra – Defeat Ozzy in a Monstermon Battle.

#10: Dab Hero – Get to Gym, help Jerome get the ball from Carla.

Green Cards 

#1: Monstrous Flytrap – Obtained for completing the mission “Flowers for Diana.”

#2: The Tallest Tree – Do the mission “Flowers for Diana,” up till recess, shake the beehive on top of Pennys head and grab the card from the hive after she runs away.

#3: Chill Stump – Normal run, Just get to science to get a slide, get a sample from the plant and put it under the microscope. Can only be done while the teacher is in the room.

#4: Gnome of Garden – Do the mission “Flowers for Diana,” grab the blue flower and continue up till lunch. Get into the teachers lounge and replace the yellow flower with the blue. 

#5: Ofaka Tornado – Obtained by completing the mission “Things That Go Boom.”

#6: Literally Grass – Do the mission “Flowers for Diana,” up till recess. When selling the weed to Monty, argue that the weed is worth more than $5 and he’ll throw in a Monstermon Card.

#7: Doodoo Bug – Bring the A+ card, skip before school and go straight to morning time in the smart class. Do the assessment and get the toilet paper as a reward. Leave the class and head downstairs. Use 2 turns and head into Ms. Applegate’s class. Do anything to use up that last turn and get the pass. During lunch, buy a burger and leave the mess hall to get into the bathroom. Use a few turns till Ozzy runs into the bathroom. Talk to him and give him the toilet paper. He’ll hook you up with the card.

#8: Mystical Tomato – Easiest way is most likely “If you can dodge a Nugget,” get behind the counter and the Monstermon card is in the corner with the nuggets. (I believe) 

#9: Hissing Fauna – Defeat Monty in a Monstermon Battle.

#10: Legendary Sword – Get to the handicap ramp any way you like, there’s a forest on the other side of the ramp with a message out front on some wood. Read it and follow the directions. The Monstermon Card will be at the end of that maze.

Yellow Cards 

#1: Golden Dewdrop – Defeat Jerome in a Monstermon Battle.

#2: Zen Octopus – Take the Fidget Spinner before Nugget gets into class. Give it to him after he sees there’s no toys left for him. Poor Nugget. 

#3: Forbidden Book – Do the mission “Opposites Attract,” or “Creature Feature.” Just get into the principal’s office. There’s a red book in her bookcase. Interact with it for a Monstermon Card.

#4: Marshmallow – Defeat Cindy in a Monstermon Battle.

#5: Pot of Grease – Do the “Flowers for Diana,” mission. Instead of giving the salad to Felix, keep it and proceed to recess. Take the food to Agnes and trade it for her cat Gravy. Go talk to Cindy who’s sad about Felix not getting her something vegan and give her the cat instead.

#6: Lamb With Cleaver – Obtained by completing the mission “A Tale of Two Janitors.”

#7: Treasure Chest – Obtained by completing the mission “Cain’s not Able.”

#8: Mr. Nice Guy – Do the mission “A Tale of Two Janitors.” up to the point of getting the elevator key for the Janitor. Head into the girls’ bathroom and tell Bob what’s going on. You rock Bob.

#9: The Slurper – Do the mission “Creature Feature” up to the Secret Lab. Get the mutants off you and friends before grabbing the card in the bottom left corner.

#10: Rare Jewel – Defeat Felix in a Monstermon Battle.

Purple Cards 

#1: Onion – Get to lunch, wait for Ozzy to leave and take the card out of his bag on the table.

#2: Killer Eye – Obtained by completing the mission “Opposites Attract.”

#3: Purple Plush – Find a way to leave gym (I say hit Ms. Jiggletits in the head with the basketball) and head to her classroom. Check the Toy chest for the card.

#4: Spiky Flim Flam – Defeat Buggs in a Monstermon Battle.

#5: Monster Ghost – Bring the laser module to school and A+ card. Give the module to Monty during morning time.

#6: Knight Who Turned Evil – Do the Mission “The Hitman’s Potty Guard,” Instead of following Felix’s plans, Show Ted the contract and go along with his mission. 

#7: Evil Twarter – Defeat Agnes in a Monstermon Battle.

#8: Mysterious Package – Head down to the crawlspace with Monty’s elevator Key. Talk to Billy and then check his box.

#9: Oglebop Orge – Do the “Opposites Attract,” mission. Get the toilet paper from the assessment and just clog the boy’s toilet before getting the doll.

#10: Dank Magician – Obtained after completing the mission “Creature Feature”.

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