Kindergarten – How to Do Jerome’s Quest / Get Key Mold

In this guide I will tell you how to obtain the key mold from Jerome.

How to Obtain the Key Mold from Jerome


You only need to have 3 dollars

School Yard

The only thing you need to do is talk to Monty and buy 3 things, Yo-Yo, Cigarettes and Screwdriver

After that eat your apples that you have left


Go talk to Jerome and give him the Yo-Yo so he becomes your buddy, after that he will give you a hall pass and distract the teacher, you then need to go to the hallway and give the hall monitor the pass and go to the janitors closet, when you are there use the screwdriver and get the laser pointer Jerome asked for


In Lunch go talk to Jerome and tell him you found the laser pointer, after talking to Jerome, quickly hide the laser pointer in the trash, so the janitor doesn’t find it, after the janitor takes the trash to the bathroom, go talk to Jerome, He then pays off The Lunch Lady if you agree, and you can go to the bathroom, when you are in the bathroom give the hall monitor cigarettes and he will not send you to the principles office, get the laser and go to Recess


Go to Monty and talk to him, give him the laser pointer and he will give you a bomb, place taht bomb behind the janitor and talk to Monty again, he will activate the bomb and kill the janitor.

Show And Tell

This part is simple, you just need to show your screwdriver and you will be good to go

The End

You will be taken to a cut-scene where You talk to Jerome, He will give you the key mold and you will be taken back to your bedroom

Created by Dee

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