Kingpin – Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Tips

  • Play Novice or Easy for your first playthrough. Medium is tough. It’s perfect for replays but you’ll need to learn enemy spawns and health/ammo locations to enjoy. Don’t bother with Hard or Real unless you enjoy pain.
  • The beginning of the game is the toughest. Once you get the Tommy gun, you’ll be able to stunlock enemies. Once you get the Heavy Machinegun (HMG), you’re God. That thing is your best friend because it one-shots enemies from long distances. Buy the HMG cooling mod.
  • This game encourages you to charge enemies and shoot them in the head. If you hide behind corners, you’ll die a lot.
  • In Radio City, you can use the pistol suppressor mod to shoot the tunnel freaks without the Jokers hearing you. You can also lure them onto the subway tracks and let the train gib them.
  • Crouch over enemies after killing them to grab their cash. Do this quickly before the bodies disappear.
  • Hire Thugs. The AI is surprisingly good for 1999 and the gameplay was designed around this. I’ve tried no thug-runs and it is painful.
  • The flamethrower works when you shoot at their feet and is great for quickly killing bosses, which are just thugs with high HP. The flamethrower+shotgun combo is very good in the early game.

First Level (Walkthrough)

Hold Shift and sneak past the 2 thugs when the radio gets loud. Open the 2nd door on your left. Hold Shift until you get past the first hallway as the thugs can still hear your footsteps in that area. In the room before the safe, on your left, you’ll find some med packs on a shelf. Kill the thug with your pipe, grab the flashlight and whiskey.

Crawl through the shaft, open the first door you see and climb up on the boxes so the enemies can’t hit you. Crawl through the shaft at the end of the room and grab the Tesla coil. Sneak past the 2 thugs outside.

Give the whiskey to the homeless guy and he’ll give you the safe code. Open the safe and get your $100. Go talk to the guy by the man and woman and buy a crowbar for $1. Go to the Pawn-O-Matic and the owner will automatically give you a pistol for the Tesla coil. Buy the pistol magnum mod (2x damage). Hire the crowbar thug for $10. You’re ready to kill the thugs in the back and start your adventure.

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