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A list of achievements. All achievements are given an explanation, insight for achieving (if I haven’t gotten it myself), or just the title.

Full Achievements Guide


There are 98 endings and 2 proper achievements in this game.

The large majority of endings are found by running out of a resource as a result of making a certain choice.

Many endings can only be found by playing with random resources, which allows you to start with few enough resources to run out by making certain decisions.

  • Endings with plain text are usually tested explanations.
  • Endings with an @ are my best guess, usually because it’s an ending I got before I started tracking how to get the endings.
  • Endings with just a quote are the title of the achievement, which can be a indication of what to try out.
  • Endings with a quote and an @ include my insight on what to try out to get the achievement.


  • 1.Sell your army at the market until it hits 0.
  • 2.Sell your food at the market until it hits 0.
  • 3.Buy stuff at the market until your money hits 0.
  • 4.Sell your faith at the market until it hits 0.
  • 5.Sell your happiness at the market until it hits 0.
  • 6.Sell your health (heart) at the market until it hits 0.
  • 7.Execute your advisor, and execute his twin as well.
  • 8.Call Therald a coward and don’t apologize
  • 9.Run from Esteban
  • 10.@ Fight against Esteban and lose
  • 11.Beg for mercy from Esteban
  • 12.Run out of money by hiring an assassin or injecting a spy to kill Esteban
  • 13.“Never underestimate the double game”
  • 14.Play with random resources, start with low military. Use necromancy against Kalahar Ard and lose.
  • 15.Beg for mercy from the Kalahar Ard
  • 16.Stay silent after you are defeated by the Kalahar Ard.
  • 17.Try and fail to bargain with the Kalahar Ard.
  • 18.“Help from your agent”
  • 19.Hold the princess in your bedchambers
  • 20.“A Title is a valuable thing to bargain with”
  • 21.@ Run when invaders arrive.
  • 22.Recruit necromancer, execute priest, then execute necromancer.
  • 23.When on bad terms, don’t immediately call the guards when the princess asks to enter your bedchambers.
  • 24.“Demons! Demons everywhere!”
  • 25.“Feeling a bit peckish?”
  • 26.“Never enough”
  • 27.“Become a slave to a demon”.
  • 28.Triggers after ending the day with happiness 0. Judging by the text shown, it might be a glitch, but it can be reliably reproduced.
  • 29.“Is that you or just a black goo?”
  • 30.“Dethroned”
  • 31.“Vase to the head”
  • 32.“Sweet dreams, my King!”
  • 33.@ “Quiet bride” Beatrix is a quiet bride.
  • 34.“Really? Is that a reason for an assassination?”
  • 35.@ Get burned at the stake for saying ‘no’ during wedding
  • 36.“Political vengeance”
  • 37.“Wow! There are more thieves than one?”
  • 38.@ Get burned at the stake by the pope for being heretical.
  • 39.“Romeo and Juliet”
  • 40.“THIS. IS. ETAKAN!”
  • 41.@ Allow the necromancer into your castle, pope kills you.
  • 42.@ Pope declares you unfit to rule
  • 43.“Crazy little sparrow”
  • 44.“The grief, the death of Messiah”
  • 45.“Wait… Why did I said that?”
  • 46.“Good news, everyone!”
  • 47.“Oh, what a knight…”
  • 48.Agree to become vassal, then become vassal
  • 49. “Steak for a flying beast”
  • 50.Marry Countess Delover, get killed by a merchant assassin
  • 51.“Triple rainbow”
  • 52.Marry Beatrix, fail to stop her from summoning God
  • 53.Marry Anna Sopristan, be on bad terms with her, execute Countess Delover on the spot.
  • 54.Marry Anna Sopristan, be on good terms with her, execute Countess Delover on the spot.
  • 55.Get faith to 0 by legitimizing the werewolf cult, which I believe shows up if the werewolf is not killed at the start of the game.
  • 56.Try to build irrigation without enough money when famine strikes
  • 57.Give inquisitors power, to deal with the plague or otherwise.
  • 58.“Who let the dogs out?
  • 59.@ “The crying King” I’m not sure exactly how to get this, but you can cry at Therald to get him to help you out of pity.
  • 60.“I grant you my sword”
  • 61.“Beast Slayer is starving”
  • 62.@“I’m gonna catch that thief whatever it takes” Presumably you need to run out of resources while trying to catch Esteban.
  • 63.“Who cares if it was fair?”
  • 64.Run out of happiness by giving Esteban a barony.
  • 65.“Panic attack”
  • 66.“You didn’t say they were hungry!”
  • 67.“United by poison”
  • 68.Play with random resources, start with really low happiness. Run out of happiness by executing peasants at the start.
  • 69.“At least I’ll dance on my grave” Nice.
  • 70.“Now HE is the assassin?”
  • 71.“Swords first, money go second”
  • 72.“The whipping for the King”
  • 73.Play with random resources, start with really low happiness. Run out of happiness by holding ball for nobility.
  • 74. “Death by Chandelier”
  • 75.“The gallows”
  • 76.Run out of happiness by taking the goat in court
  • 77.Run out of happiness by failing the mining minigame
  • 78.“Now I’m surrounded”
  • 79.Get happiness to 0 by throwing bodies into a pit
  • 80.“Medieval hater”
  • 81.“Best decision ever”
  • 82.Get killed by the Grey Plague. It triggered after I chose to not do anything.
  • 83.@ “The Queen of Thieves overdid it” You can marry Esteban after recruiting her, and she will plan a giant heist.
  • 84.Get religion to 0 by performing an orgy after becoming King.
  • 85.Get religion to 0 by doing demon sacrifices after becoming King
  • 86.Get happiness to 0 by executing heretics after becoming King
  • 87.Get food to 0 by holding a peasant feast after becoming King
  • 88.Get money to 0 by holding a nobleman ball after becoming King.
  • 89.“The fate of a tree”
  • 90.Run out of money by sparing the woodcutter, unless I lost track of which achievement that was.
  • 91.@ “Miners, to the rescue!” This probably has to do with the mine collapse event, and running out of resources as a result.
  • 92.@ “The Matriarch” This might happen because your queen usurps your power. Azaelia Is a likely candidate.
  • 93.“Unhappy Shuriken”
  • 94.“Let’s talk business”
  • 95.Thrown off the walls by religious guards after attacking Pope.
  • 96.Anger a foreign country in diplomacy, get invaded, and lose.
  • 97.“Healer’s journey
  • 98.“Please don’t cry”

Destroy the game: Be evil, recruit the necromancer, in the end he hacks the game. You have to properly quit the game when this happens.

Become Great: Conquer or Ally the whole world. This is easier if you have a proper income for the endgame. For example, if you marry Esteban and she succeeds in her heist, you have a permanent gold income.

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