Knights of Honor II: Sovereign – First 3 Seconds Checklist

O’k, you just followed the advice of other guides and hit Pause ASAP after starting the game. Now what?


This is not game play basics. After starting the game and hitting Pause ASAP, instead of waiting for the game to prompt you, it’s best to do sooner rather than later.

So here is a simple checklist of things to do that setup your initial kingdom structure.

What to Do After Pressing Pause

Things to consider and/or perform the first time you pause KoH2-

  1. If you start with marriage ready sons or daughters, then marry them off.
  2. Get as many initial trading partners as possible. This is usually until the kingdom you ask tells you that you already have enough and can’t handle any more.
  3. Hire knights. How many and what kind are the subject of other excellent guides.
    • 3A. Assign all knights to manage a city.
    • 3B. If the knight is a marshal then (usually) move them into the city you put them next to and possibly buy troops for them (see next step).
  4. Consider buying troops, i.e. peasants, for either marshals or cities or both.
    5.Consider spending books to purchase a level 3 skill for the king. Otherwise consider buying a level one skill for another knight.
  5. Assign merchants to trade routes; consider assigning a spy; consider assigning a diplomat according to situational needs.
  6. Consider what first building you will be aiming for so you can pause again when the money is sufficient.

Hopefully, this will get you off to a great start and not waste time waiting for the game to prompt you or worse.

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