KoboldKare – Beginners Guide

An extensive guide on the games mechanics, various tools, possible interactions and how the basic gameplay loop functions.


The current live build is still pretty experimental, so there are several things that aren’t working properly like the save system, certain items like the tailbag having no functions and other jank. These issues are known and will be fixed sometime in the near future.

Map Overview

  1. Your Farm where you breed and interact with your kobolds
  2. Small Forest where Fruits can be found and collected
  3. Cave entrance to a deep cavern with mushrooms inside (3 stars required)
  4. Convenience store with buckets, scanners etc. for sale (2 stars required)
  5. Underground shop with bombs, fleshlights available (4 stars required)
  6. Garden shop where one can buy eggs, fruit seeds and watering cans
  7. Construction office to unlock various tools and machines in your farm (1 star required)
  8. Casino to gamble away your Money for random loot. Currently unnaccesable. (99 stars lol)

How to get stars will be explained in section “Quests”

What the Kobold Doing?

The game revolves around you breeding and interacting with your kobolds in lewd ways. These interactions include:

  • Growing the Kobolds “attributes” ( Booba, Wang, Balls, fatness ) trough the use of fruits
  • Using them for labor to work various machines and tools
  • Freeze them in various poses
  • And most importantly very wholesome and consensual secks.

Important to note is that NPC Kobolds and player Kobolds share the exact same rules and behaviour, so anything you can do with a NPC you can also do with another player and vice verca.

Controls and Schmovement

Besides the regular stuff like moving, jumping ,crouching etc. there’s some more fancy stuff:

  • Hold F to ragdoll yourself for funneh physics
  • X and Z to literally Expand Dong or retreat
  • C to toggle third person
  • 1,2,3,4 to toggle various cameras. 1-> first person, 2-> third person again, 3-> free cam, 4-> free cam that now follows your movement
  • Hold R and move mouse/Scrollwheel to move your hips
  • Hold Shift to switch grab modes. In this mode you can rotate objects you hold with r, or freeze them in place with right click. Frozen things can be unfrozen individually with Q or all at once by holding Q
  • Enter for chat in Multiplayer

Koboldkare has similar physics to Source Games like Counter strike or Half Life. That means you can strafe in the air and steadily build up speed trough bunnyhopping. Alternatively you can also Hold F to ragdoll, grab your own leg with shift-click and then scroll away to build up ludicrous speed, because it just works.

Consumables and Kobold Attributes

Fruits can be collected from the small forest ( only once tough unfortunately as they don’t respawn. ever.) or you can buy seeds from the garden shop and then plant them in your farm. Once you have the fruits, you need to grind them in the grinder to juice so your kobolds ( or yourself) can drink it.

Here’s a quick rundown on what fruits and consumables do and how bigger attributes affect Kobolds:

  • Melon-> Booba growth -> give more milk when milked
  • Eggplant -> Wang growth
  • Pineapple-> Balls growth -> produce more spunk
  • Milk + Ice ( can be bought in the convenience store) -> gain weight
  • Melon + Eggplant + Heart ( pop up whenever Kobolds have secks) -> Giant growth
  • Mushroom -> shrink everything


  1. Energy: every action that a Kobolds performs requires energy, be it working a machine or secks. To replenish energy, a Kobold needs to be put into the bed. After 10 seconds the Kobold will automatically stand up with replenished energy.
  2. Stomach Capacity: Anything a Kobold consumes be it water, Juice or other liquids fill the Kobolds stomach until the bar is full. Anything else the Kobold consumes while the bar is full overrides whats already inside. Kobolds automatically digest their stomachcontents and gain the benefits. (Fruits turn into growth, Spunk turns into eggs etc.)
  3. Metabolism Bar: When a Kobold digests Fruits or consumables that changes it’s body, the bottom bar slowly fills up. Once the Bar is filled the Kobold can no longer digest anymore body changing juices.

Farming and Breeding

Farming is pretty simple, put an egg or seeds in a empty farming plot and then water it with a bucket. After 30 seconds they’ll go into the next stage where you water them again. After another 30 seconds you’ll get a fully grown Kobold or harvestable plant.

As for Breeding Kobolds, because the new metabolism system restricts how much you can affect a Kobolds shape, you now have to rely on breeding optimal offspring. Offspring share a mix of their parents attributes like a middleground between the parents color, a big Wang from the father and big Booba from the mother. The new Kobold will have a empty Metabolism bar, so you can customise them again. By making long breeding chains, you can have Kobolds with very large sizes down the family tree.

Farm Tools and Machines

  1. Farm plot where you farm fruits and grow Kobolds
  2. Selling Bin where you can sell pretty much anything for Money. Money will show up on the table outside your house.
  3. Milking station to milk well endowed Kobolds. Needs one Kobold on the table and one on the side to operate. Consumes energy for both.
  4. Big Fleshlights for obvious stuff. Also consumes energy.
  5. Egg station where pregnant Kobolds can lay eggs. Consumes energy and Kobold needs eggs inside them.
  6. Grinder which needs to be bought at the construction office first. Grinds Fruits and other stuff into consumable juice. Requires one Kobold and energy to activate.
  7. Juice press that presses all juice and body changes out of a Kobold to reset their metabolism. requires one Kobold inside and one to operate. Consumes energy for both.
  8. Mind transfer station where you can put an NPC Kobold and yourself inside to switch which Kobold you control.
  1. Bed where Kobolds can sleep to replenish energy.
  2. Bathtub to clean yourself and fill buckets with water.
  3. Toilet to empty a Kobolds stomach. Doesn’t affect the Metabolism bar.

There’s also various animation stations scattered inside the house. simply place a Kobold near one and they will get into position.


You get quests from the mailbox rigtht outside the house. The quests are pretty self explainatory and pretty easy to do except the last one. For each completed quest you gain a star to unlock shops and other buildings. Once a quest is completed you have to interact with the mailbox again to get the next one.

Basic Gameplay Loop

As saving is not very functional rigth now, it’s usefull to get going quick to do whatever you please faster, so here’s a quick rundown on how to get a good start:

  1. Sell yourself a 3-4 times to get lots of cash, only collect it at the end tough, otherwise you loose it when you sell youself again.
  2. Open Mailbox and complete the quest.
  3. Go to construction office, buy the grinder and buy some eggs in the Garden shop on the way back.
  4. Farm some Kobolds and keep them for a supply of eggs -> Kobolds -> money
  5. Go buy some big buckets from the convenience store and watering cans from the Garden Shop.

And that’s it. With these 5 steps you should have a good baselines for whatever you fancy. the big buckets are great for holding large amount of liquid and mixtures while the watering cans are very efficient for farming and more fine tuned feeding.


Multiplayer works mostly the same as Solo, but there are some things to keep in mind:

  1. If another player grabs you, you can regain control simply by pressing spacebar.
  2. Every player has their own money pool, so be kind and only grab the money you need.
  3. If you grab something it becomes “yours” in the sense when you leave, everything that’s “yours” also disapears, so don’t needlessly grab everything you see if you leave soon.
  4. When you join a lobby there’s a good chance that most quests are complete but you don’t have any stars. If there’s any locked doors, simply ask the host if he can unlock everything.


How to collect liquids?

What I do is. I put them in front of the faucet or whatever you’re getting the liquid from. Hold down shift, lift up the container, rotate it so the faucet shoots directly into the opening of the bucket, watering can or whatever and freeze it, then, turn on the machine, jerk off the kobold, shoot the boobie juice.

Whatever you’re trying to bottle up. Liquids wont fall out if you tip over the bucket or whatever, so rotate as much as you want.

How to get kobolds to bend over?

Futas cant be made via store eggs, if you get only males and you want female either keep getting eggs until you get lucky until you get one or you can remake the world, also to bend them over I dont know what you mean by this but if you hold r and move your mouse then your kobold will move its hips. hope this helps.

How do you remove/trash/delete items that are in the world like buckets?

Put them in the open slit on top the Mailbox. Yea gotta push em right on it. You can’t just throw it at the Mailbox like yea can with Kobolds lol.

How to remove pins?

Hold shift and q for like 8 seconds.

How to breed for size?

Mushroom Juice shrinks them and removes saturation and growth serum makes them grow bigger. You can check the guides section of the community for recipes.

How to “feed” Kobolds?

Well, splashing them with whatever you’re trying to feed them is the most used method. It isn’t actually wasteful unless you miss completely, and they do get the full benefit of whatever they’ve been covered in.

Another less messy way, but absolutely finicky method that I use; you can pick the kobold up and drop them onto what you want to feed them. If it’s in just the right spot in front of them when they collide, they’ll eat 10 units.

All Controls

Note: Upon launch, they can be modified on the setup screen.

MovementW,A,S,DRight Stick
JumpSpace Bar‘A’ button
UseE‘X’ button
Push/Pull Held ItemScroll WheelLeft Stick
CrouchLeft CtrlLeft Stick Button
Suicide / GibKChange View / Back
WalkLeft ShiftDpad Down
View StatsTabMenu / Start
RagdollF‘Y’ button
RotateR or >Dpad Up or Right Stick Button
UnfreezeQDpad Down
Switch CameraCDpad Down
First Person1[None]
Third Person2[None]
Sticky Freecam4[None]

Tips and Tricks

  • You cannot grow a penis on a Kobold that does not already have one
  • Again you can only Customize your Kobold before a session
  • Don’t worry about growing a Kobold too large. The can have vanilla sex at any size.
  • Any particular Kobold asset can only be 10x the starting value.
  • See Sex on how to start a sex animation
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