KOTH – Achievements Guide

A simple walkthrough of the 7 Achievements of KOTH.


Note: Credit goes to A_Phosphorus_Invention

KOTH was on my wishlist for a long time. I bought it several sales ago, but I unfortunately lost my GPU back in 2019 and have only within the last two weeks acquired a new one. It’s been waiting, patiently I hope, in my backlog until now.

I hope this guide finds you well and if encourages you to give KOTH the same chance I did. At the same time, I hope it helps you complete the achievements.

Once again, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate.

Let’s get started.

Learning Fast

I believe Learning Fast is the easiest achievement to get. I got it completely by accident in fact. In the Tutorial Level (regardless the mode), there are 4 trees. I stood still at the spawn point and absorbed all 4 and got struck by KOTH’s beam. Now, there shouldn’t be line of sight for this to happen, but it can happen when you first launch this level. If you go to the end of the Tutorial, right before where KOTH is nestled, just wait for its eye to cycle and await your deletion.


In a single level, simply get struck by the KOTH’s sight beam 10 times to unlock the Sisyphus Achievement. In some levels, the spawning area is wide open in KOTH’s sight, you can wait for his sight to pass over you, or be proactive and chase his sight and make a game out of dying quickly.


So this was the biggest worry of mine as far as achievements went for KOTH. Every assumption and attempt I made to get this achievement turned out to be wrong, so (once again) I got this one by total accident. As of the time of writing, I believe this achievement will work on any level. Simply visit all 4 corners of a map of a single level to achieve the Cornered Achievement. You might even be able to get this while working on the Learning Fast Achievement (if Cornered works on the Tutorial Level).

Ecological Disaster

The Ecological Disaster Achievement is unlocked by absorbing 1,000 Trees. This sounds like a big ask, but you’ll most likely get this playing around on both modes. Some levels, especially in Classic, require a lot of energy fairly quickly. You’ll need to absorb several trees to place your Avatar and then a Block or two and then another Avatar. If you want to just sweep a level and quickly pluck up trees, Level 3 is fairly good, but Level 4 has a pretty large group to the right of where you spawn.

Boulder Builder

Boulder Builder is another 1,000 ranged achievement, this time for placing Blocks. You’ll need to place a lot of blocks playing through the levels as they get progressively harder to reach KOTH. I filled a lot of the progress bar for this and Ecological Disaster attempting to beat my Personal Best times of Arcade. If you want to burn through it, there is a nice spot out of KOTH’s sight in Level 4, where you can place stacks of them and just reabsorb them. Rinse and repeat.


This may be the longest achievement to attain. The zzzzzzzzt Achievement requires you to be struck by KOTH’s sight 1,000 times. Like the Sisyphus Achievement, you can be proactive about this and run around levels quickly getting killed or idle in some levels and just wait to be microwaved.

Koth Killer

Though you will most likely get this achievement before the longer and larger achievements, it feels right to end the guide on the main notion of the game. Killing Koth. Simply beat the KOTH 100 times to get Koth Killer.

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