Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa – Walkthrough

Time Loop / Playthrough 1 & 2

This first portion of the story is a straight shot through. Don’t worry too much about anything – you can’t fail here. Of course, this does lead you towards BAD END 1, which may change your perspective on Nanami a little bit. I mean. Just a tad. Don’t exit during the credits and simply let them roll, and you should get interrupted. Time to try again.

With the second loop, you’ll discover the true nature of your situation, and how you’ll just have to go through things the right way to let your life go on. Unfortunately, this is NOT that time. Any choices you make here are also meaningless, since you’re not exactly used to playing things subtle yet. This will lead to BAD END 2, where Nanami realizes You Know Too Much and tenderizes you like the most juicy steak at the country buffet while mocking you for it.

Nanami is such a sweetheart. Onwards to loop 3!

Time Loop / Playthrough 3

This is the loop where you finally begin to get some agency – therefore, it’s the loop that this guide will start being most helpful in! Something you may notice is that if you get all the words, every puzzle section becomes far easier – matching the rainbow circles is infinitely faster and more efficient than matching literally anything else. So! Let’s see if we can find some words.

Chapter 1: Mystery of the White Wolf
TBC, but here’s a general summary. As you might expect, do NOT trust Nanami. Keep your guard up and play it safe while finding out more clues. The key to this is finding out that the secret is a very traumatic family relationship.

Mystery 2: Mystery of the Library of Wisdom
This mystery begins the same way it did in the other time loops, with Nanami showing you around. The first big decision you have to make that swerves this timeline is to GUIDE NANAMI AWAY FROM THE ARCHIVES, preventing you (and her) from finding out the secret too early. Provided you do this, any choice from thereon in with Nanami is cosmetic.

This leads to another walkaround segment! This is one that specifically tripped me up for a bit – first off, CHECK QUACKER. Before anything else, you absolutely MUST check Quacker, or a necessary bit of information (the Library Committee student being a childhood friend of Toyama’s) won’t be available to you, and you NEED to know this to get some of the words. 

This tripped me up the first time, so make sure to scroll down and be careful! After you’ve made sure all Quacker posts have a checkmark by them, DO NOT VISIT THE LIBRARY IMMEDIATELY. This is also a rookie mistake! Instead, head to the CLASSROOM. Select the second option when talking to Tsubaki, and check Quacker again as the game prompts you to. Read the two Toyomaniac posts (and mark them as read), and then you may continue. 

NOW, and only NOW, may you go to the LIBRARY. Before this, the option would result in you being blown off, but in practice and tandem with these other choices, we get our first new selection for the wordbook: a facade.

The other words are available at the STAIRS (rarely do students get promoted to honor scholar status), the REFERENCE ROOM (plenty of guys would be jealous), the SPORTS FIELD (the day after he takes a break). Get these words, then go to the HALLWAY where you’ll face Tohyama in a mental battle. This will result in another set of words (I can’t afford to c**k up now), followed by another set (the perfect ace)!

With that, you have all the words for this chapter. The other areas are cute for more storytelling and worldbuilding, but are by no means necessary to visit. When you’re done, head back to the dorms. The next day is going to be interesting.

Instead of letting Nanami fumble her way into being exposed, STEP FORWARD and take initiative. This will change the timeline! Ultimately, this will lead to the final battle of this chapter with Tohyama. You’re ready for this!

Afterwards, there’s the usual aftermath. The club posts an update and Nanami bolts to the roof with the sight of someone posting about the curse of Mikoto again.

It’s really easy to get yourself killed here. Again. If you approach quietly, Nanami will let onto her psychopath nature (talking to Mikoto about how she hates putting this charade on) and once more realizing you’ve heard her puts her into a killy-killy-die-die mood, resulting in BAD END 2. Again.

I kind of hate Nanami. A lot. (Luckily at this point I had an extra save from Chapter 2 immediately before that, but still.) If you end up with this happening, you’ll have to go through the last chapters again, but at least you’ll have the words you need to get by. Pick the blue options when they pop up, get back here, and we can continue.

Ultimately try to avoid that, approach her normally, get to chapter 3.

Mystery 3: Mystery of the Wandering Gentleman
Well. Time to meet our old friend Luke/’Taro Yamada’ in person again, as it seems. You are once more forcibly made part of the Occult Club, which at this point, much like me, you will just be mildly annoyed at, seeing as you were roped into this by threat of murder, but, you know. It’s fine. Really. (it’s not fine.)

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