Last Girl in Futa Sexpocalypse – Quick Reference Guide

Because of the current lack of clarity in-game regarding gems, this guide is meant to let you quickly understand the board you’re playing on.

Short Guide to Basics

Note: Credit goes to Hex: Bisexual


Forgive the mess, I’m none too experienced with writing guides. I did, however, figure that others might benefit from the notes I took on my 40 minute playthrough, so I’ve thrown them together here as a quick reference.

The Character Panels


This panel shows the status of Sara, your character. You have two pieces of pertinent info – your damage, and your turns.

Your damage stat starts at 4 and is increased by +0.05 (per gem) every time you make a purple gem match. Yeah, it’s a half a decimal increase. This is ultimately mostly inconsequential for reasons I’ll get into later.

Your turns typically start at 22 and are increased by +1 turn (per gem) every time you make a blue rectangle gem match. For ease, I refer to these as blue gems. Making a 4 or 5 match does not award more than the default one turn per gem. If you (somehow) run out of these before defeating the enemy, it’s game over just like any other match-3. For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t worry about these. I had one game over in my playthrough, and it was due to me being required to match skull gems, not me running out of turns.

The Enemy

This panel shows the status of your opponent. They have a damage stat and two meters, both of which end the fight when they reach the opposite side of where they start.

The enemy’s damage is always 10. It literally never changes.

The orgasm meter starts at 0 and increases when you make blue diamond gem matches. For ease, I refer to these as teal gems. Filling this defeats the enemy, and it is notably easier to fill this meter.

The health meter starts at 100% and decreases when you make red gem matches. I don’t think I need to explain health meters to you. Without visible numbers I cannot confirm this, but enemies do increase in health pool size as fights go on, it seems.

The Gems

Red Gem

Red Gems do your damage stat to the enemy once per gem in the match. A match of 3 does it 3 times, 4 does it 4 times, and so forth. There is no multiplier for making larger matches, just more instances of the attack.

Green Gem

Green gems heal you for +1 HP per gem in the match. Much like red, there is no multiplier with larger matches, nor is there a way to actually see what your health is in a numerical sense. Only a visual meter.

Blue Gem

Blue gems give you +1 turn per gem in the match. Much like the other gems before it, there is no multiplier with larger matches. You do actually get to see this numerically, though!

Purple Gem

Purple gems increase your attack stat by +0.05 ATK per gem in the match. You may sense a running theme, here, but there is no multiplier with larger matches on these bad boys, either. Match a few of these in a fight and you’ll catch yourself wondering why the hell someone would display that many decimal points. You’ll see what I mean.

Teal Gem

Teal gems increase the enemy’s orgasm meter by +3 FAP per gem in the match. Filling that meter is unironically the best strategy in the game’s current state, but they still don’t receive a multiplier for larger matches.

Match these whenever possible, because the orgasm meter fills much faster than the health meter depletes.

Skull Gem

Skull gems do the enemy’s damage stat to your health once per gem in the match, meaning you could receive anywhere from 30 to 70 damage in a match. More often than not, you’ll end up being the one purposefully matching these.

The game loves to spawn these almost 2-3x more often than a regular gem.

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