Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – Optimizing Seed Upgrades

Have you ever looked at your seed upgrades and wondered: “should I buy it now, or wait for the next seed?”. If so, this guide is for you! Otherwise, this guide might probably be of use to you anyways, we all love optimizing.

A Little Guide to Help You Understand when You Should Buy The Next Seed Upgrade

The Answer

If you’re only here for the answer, well, here it is.

To know whether or not you should buy the upgrade, you simply need to multiply the current seed price by the next level of the seed and compare it to your amount of leaves. If you’ve got more leave than what that multiplication gave you, buy the upgrade. Otherwise, wait.

This gives us the following formula:

  • leaves >= (level of the seed + 1) * (price of the current leaf upgrade)

For example, if you have 2 seed upgrades and the price to upgrade it to level 3 is 50 leaves, you should wait until you have at least (2 + 1) * 50 leaves = 150 leaves.

Note: If you have the rainbow leaf equipped, which increase the seed reward by 50%, you must add the 50% in that calculation. Our last example would become (50 + 2 + 1) * 50 = 2650 leaves.

The Explanation

Now, you’re probably wondering where that formula came from, and if you don’t mind a tiny bit of math, I’ll explain it all to you!

We first need to consider what we want to optimize. In our case, we want to reach lvl 100 as quickly as possible, and for that, we must maximize the final yield.

To do so, me must make sure that every single seed that we pick up gives us the maximum amount of leaves, and since they’re linked to our current leaf count, we must be careful about our next purchase.

From this idea, we can construct a formula:

  • (leaves * currentMultiplier) <=
  • (leaves – price) * (currentMultiplier + 0.01)

This formula tells us whether buying the seed upgrade will maximize the next seed reward or not.

Let’s say we have a seed at level 2 (0.02 multiplier) which costs 1000 leaves to upgrade and we currently have 2500 leaves. The question is, should you buy the upgrade?

The formula tells us that without an upgrade, the seed would yield: (2500 * 0.02 = 50 leaves)

And with the upgrade, we would get: ((2500 – 1000) * (0.02 + 0.01) = 45 leaves)

Is 50 <= 45? No? Then you shouldn’t buy the upgrade just yet.

This is great, but a little inconvenient. To make it a bit more practical, you can simplify the equation using algebra and you’ll end up with the equation:

  • leaves >= (currentLevel + 1) * price

Or if the rainbow leaf is equipped:

  • leaves >= (currentLevel + 1 + 50) * price

Note: To understand where the 50 comes from, you must know that the rainbow leaf adds 0.5 to the multiplier. Therefore, when we multiply by 100 during the simplification process, it becomes 50.

That’s it! Hope you learned a little something.

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