Left 4 Dead 2 – Guide to Expert and Team Effectiveness


Hey, Mao Mao here.

You may or may not have seen me roaming the Advanced/Expert Coop public games of L4D2. I am a team player and play this game for the sole reason of team work. Personally its really fun to beat a challenging campaign with randoms!

Why Should I Take your Advice?

I have been playing L4D2 since its release (started out on xbox) but eventually acquired my first PC in 2016 and throughout those times, i played Expert mode quite often if not exclusively. I even took my skill to the next level and tested myself on the “Last Human On Earth” Mutation on Expert on every single campaign.

(Here is one such event, i often change names) 

Anyway, enough about me, Your here for another, more important reason.

Have A Prepared Mindset

L4D2’s Difficulty Ramp

Before you get started on Expert Difficulty, you should be aware that L4D2’s difficulty can ramp up quite a distance, especially the gap between Advanced and Expert.

For Example:

Easy: Common Infected take x2 damage to the body. They also do 0.5 damage to survivors from the back, and 1 damage from the front. Also, Friendly Fire is impossible.

Normal: Common Infected do 1 damage to the back and 2 damage to the front.

Advanced: Common Infected do 2 damage from behind, and 5 from the front.

Expert: Common Infected do 10 damage from behind, 20 from the front.

The Dangers of Expert

As you can see, the difficulty ramps up quite a bit in Expert.
Expert is meant for players who can work together very well, are patient, and focused.
If you are a newer player, I do not suggest you attempt Expert right off the bat, familiarize yourself with the maps, Special Infected, and your arsenal.

Your First Attempts

So, you think you are ready for Expert?
Try to play with your friends if they are also ready. If you are playing with randoms, let them know you are on your first attempts at Expert, be willing to learn and try to follow their orders.

At first you may think you are hindering your team, but do not worry, over time you will overcome this gap of skill with persistence and open mindedness.

General Tips Before Playing Expert

Expert Tips

  • Stay Near Your Team; This is crucial to stay alive, never wander off without someone with you.

  • Crouch; This is important when you are in cramped places when you are in front of your team.

  • Use All Meds Sparingly; Use Med Kits only when you are in black and white, pills and adrenaline when you are about to fight a horde, a tank, or about to start a crescendo.

  • Witches and Tanks; The Witch will kill you instantly on hit. Tank will incapacitate you on hit (or rock throw)

  • Use Grenades Sparingly; Grenades can make or break a run, use Molotovs exclusively on tanks or massive hoards when your team is unprepared. Pipe Bombs when you or a teammate is boomed, or during big hoards.

  • The Bile; This gets its own special bullet point. The Bile is EXTREMELY PRECIOUS to you and your team. NEVER EVER throw a bile on a tank, it is a detriment to your team because when the Infected are done attacking the tank, they will surround you and your team, slow you down, and allow the tank to overwhelm you. Only use the Bile on crescendos or whenever the life of your team depends on it.

  • Communicate; Always tell your team when you are about to throw a grenade, cross a dangerous area, or make a decision that will impact the team or yourself.

The Team

Apply Your Skills

Up to this point you have learned valuable skills to help you and your team survive. Now, you must apply those skills to the test.

Play To The Teams Needs


There are different playstyles among the L4D2 community, if your team has a Leader, try to follow his orders. If your team lacks a Leader, step up and take that role. Some players are known to disobey the Leader, try to be respectful and nice when acting as team Leader. 


This player needs to watch the back of the group and ensure the teams safety from hordes and unknown threats, If your team lacks a Rearguard, be patient and wait for your team to be ahead of you and watch their backs. You’ll typically be the most healthy of your team and you might share your meds with them the most


This is the player who keeps tabs on everyone’s current location and to protect them when someone gets overwhelmed. As the Protector, you are going to be the most mobile of your team as you run around helping each member, you should be able to end your own fights quickly and support your teammates. There are typically 2 of you.

Conclusion and Opportunities

Keep Practicing

Over time you will get the hang of expert as there is only such much someone can tell you.
Just remember to stay open minded and learn from your mistakes.


In fact, anyone who wants to get started in Expert and feel they are ready are open to send a friend request if they want to secure a good teammate!

Of course, if you already know how to play Expert and play often: You are free to friend me too!

I actually have always wanted to start a group to regularly play Expert and such with.


Anyway, i hope my small guide helped you in some way and Good luck out there! 🙂

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