Legion TD 2 – Console Commands

Console Commands

Ingame Commands

  • -help
    Displays command info
  • -ff
    Votes to forfeit the match
  • -lifetime
    Displays lifetime of fighters
  • -dps
    Displays DPS of your fighters over the duration of the battle
  • -kills
    Displays how many kills your fighters got over the duration of the battle
  • -value
    Displays your fighter value
  • -next
    Displays information about the next wave where ‘X’ is the wave number (1-21)
  • -info X
    Displays information about wave X
  • -pierce
    Shows waves with Pierce damage
  • -impact
    Shows waves with Impact damage
  • -magic
    Shows waves with Magic damage
  • -pure
    Shows waves with Pure damage
  • -swift
    Shows waves with Swift armour
  • -natural
    Shows waves with Natural armour
  • -arcane
    Shows waves with Arcane armour
  • -fortified
    Shows waves with Fortified armour
  • -immaterial
    Shows waves with Immaterial armour
  • -ranged
    Shows ranged waves
  • -air / -flying
    Showings flying waves (4/17)
  • -boss
    Shows waves with bosses (10/20)
  • -miniboss
    Shows waves with minibosses (5/15)

Debug Commands

You can only use these when -debug mode is enabled, which is automatic in the Sandbox mode.

  • -debug
    Enable debug mode (below commands)
  • -load
    Used to load a build you’ve copied from match history or using the save command
  • -save
    Used to save the current build
  • -builder X
    Changes your builder to X (where X is 0, 1, 2, or 3 etc)
    • 0 Element
    • 1 Forsaken
    • 2 Grove
    • 3 Mech
    • 4 Mastermind
    • 5 Atlantean
    • 6 Nomad
    • 7 Shrine
    • 8 Divine
  • -greedisgood
    Gives you 10k gold, 10k mythium, 100 supply and resets merc timers
  • -powerup
    Pick any Legion spell
  • -rerollking
    Rerolls the King spells
  • -gold X
    Gives you X gold
  • -mythium X
    Gives you X mythium
  • -supply X
    Gives you X supply
  • -maphack
    Reveals the map for you (cannot be undone)
  • -clear
    Clears the wave
  • -clearwest
    Clears the wave (West only)
  • cleareast
    Clears the wave (East only)
  • -heal
    Heals both kings
  • -healeast
    Heals the east king
  • -healwest
    Heals the west king
  • autoheal
    Automatically heals kings when they are low
  • -wave X
    Sets the wave to X (X being 1-21
  • -reset X
    Resets the wave, removing towers, resetting income/workers, and giving you gold equal to what you would get for clearing waves before that.
  • -start
    Starts the wave immediately
  • -open X
    Opens slot X for spawns
  • -close X
    Closes slot X for spawns
  • -buildall
    Allows building everywhere on the map (useful for testing multiple builds at once)
  • -win
    Kills the East King
  • -lose
    Kills the West King
  • -smite X
    Sets the selected unit to %X life
  • -mana X
    Sets the selected unit to %X mana
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