LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – How to Earn Studs Fast

Studs are the primary form of cash in the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Any lover of the LEGO kits will recognize these little, round LEGO parts, which appear in every LEGO gaming. They can be used to buy a lot of fun things, but how can you get them fast? Allow us to demonstrate some of the quickest and most reliable methods for obtaining studs in a short period of time.

How to Earn Studs

In LEGO games, studs may be gained by performing almost anything. Destruction of the LEGO environment/scenery, beating foes and gaining battle combo bonuses, creating objects when asked, destroying and rebuilding the objects you made, solving puzzles, and much more are all part of this. Aside from actively looking for studs, many studs are just lying about along the main path, which you can pick up as you walk by. The aim is to put as much emphasis on gaining studs as you do on completing the mission’s major objectives, making sure to inspect every corner for any stray studs. After restarting a mission or returning to a region, any studs acquired will repopulate.

Stud Rarity and Value

You’ve most likely noticed that the studs you’re collecting come in a variety of hues. Those various colors, on the other hand, represent the stud’s rarity and value. There are four stud rarities, each with a different value:

  • Silver Studs: These are the most common studs. Silver Studs are worth 10 per stud.
  • Gold Studs: These are slightly rarer than Silver Studs, but they’re still plentiful throughout the game. Gold Studs are worth one hundred dollars each.
  • Blue Studs: These are uncommon, but they can be discovered in nearly every section in the game. Usually found off the usual route in the shadows or in difficult-to-reach locations. Blue Studs are valued at $1,000 each.
  • Purple Studs: These are the game’s most coveted studs. They can only be found in particular locations’ secret nooks and crannies, or during missions in the place of Minikits after you’ve already gathered them. Purple Studs are valued at $10,000 per stud.

How to Earn Studs Quickly

Best Levels to Grind

When it comes to grinding out studs, some levels are better than others. The levels on this list take less time to finish and are reasonably simple in terms of advancing through the level and collecting studs without having to wander from the main path.

  • Stay on Target in Episode IV: A New Hope | This mission is effectively a shooting range in the Death Star’s trenches. The X-Wing you pilot makes excellent use of the game’s auto-targeting, so all you have to do is keep shooting and avoid crashing. You’ll get the majority of your studs by destroying turrets and TIE Fighters. This mission should take you approximately 7 minutes to accomplish, and you should get around 100,000 studs.

Attract Studs Upgrade

The improvement “Attract Studs” may be found in the Core Upgrades tree. When you get close enough, studs will fly to you, thanks to the improvement. This will save you time following after that one stud who decided to slide down a ramp or stairway after destroying a bunch of scenery or running in circles collecting studs after destroying a bunch of scenery. This upgrade has three tiers, each of which increases the distance at which studs will be drawn to you. For more information on each upgrade in the game, visit our Upgrades page!

Utilize Stud Multipliers

Stud Multipliers can be unlocked in your holoprojector menu’s Extras area. These are expensive in terms of studs and Datacards, but they are well worth it! For more information about Datacards, including where to find them, visit our Collectibles page. Because the multipliers can be stacked, you’ll earn 3,840 times more studs if all of them are unlocked. To break it down even more, these are the values of each stud when multiplied by this factor:

  • Silver Stud: 38,400 per stud
  • Gold Stud: 384,000 per stud
  • Blue Stud: 3,840,000 per stud
  • Purple Stud: 38,400,000 per stud

Because these multipliers are such a substantial investment, it’s best to start working on them as soon as possible. Then, with the proceeds from the first multiplier, acquire the second and continue to build your stockpile.

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