LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – How to Earn Upgrades Fast

Star Wars LEGO The Skywalker Saga includes a number of skill trees that can be used to improve specific character classes as well as gaming mechanics in general. With so many options, you’ll definitely want to acquire them as soon as possible to improve your gaming.

Allow us to assist you in quickly unlocking these upgrades so that you may enjoy your game even more!

How to Earn Upgrades Quickly

Upgrades require studs and Kyber Bricks to unlock, whether they are Core upgrades or upgrades for a single character type. Although studs are plentiful throughout the game, you’ll need a lot of them to unlock all of the upgrades. Check out our How to Earn Studs Fast guide for more information on how to get all the studs you’ll ever need.

Kyber Bricks, on the other hand, usually necessitate a little more effort. Many of these Kyber Bricks are given out for completing 100% of story missions and solving puzzles or challenges.

Easiest Kyber Brick Locations

As a result, obtaining Kyber Bricks will most likely be the most time-consuming aspect of unlocking all of the enhancements you desire. Fortunately, there are some easy-to-collect Kyber Bricks scattered around the galaxy that aren’t related to the above-mentioned completionist objectives. You must have unlocked at least one spacecraft that can travel off-planet for these to work. As you proceed through the story, this should happen naturally.

Travel leave the planet you’re on with your trusty ship. There will be opponents to battle, side missions to do, and more in the void above each planet. The Kyber Comets, on the other hand, are what we’re interested in. These blue and gray space boulders are floating throughout the galaxy, ready to be destroyed. One can be found in every corner of the galaxy’s map. These comets should be shattered into fragments by a few shots from your ship’s cannons, awarding you five Kyber Bricks. Unfortunately, a comet that has been destroyed will not revive, but there are lots of these comets to destroy, and they are an easy and quick method to acquire a significant number of Kyber Bricks early on.

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