LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Tips and Tricks to Get Some Achievements

This won’t be a comprehensive guide on how to get every achievement but it will have some tips and tricks to cheese some achievements easier.


Frankly most of these achievements are pretty self-explanatory. All the episode achievements and level collection achievements function as expected but some of the free-roam achievements have some interesting properties.

Tips and Tricks

The first tip would come for the “A little short for a stormtrooper…” achievement:

This requires putting on 25 disguises as a hero character. This achievement doesn’t track if you just put on the disguise so when you find a full set and some free time in free roam, you can put on the disguise and then swap to a non-hero character. this will remove the disguise but not delete it so you can swap back to a hero character and put the disguise back on. Rinse and repeat until you get the achievement. I believe I did this on Bespin but can be done anywhere where you can kill stormtroppers.

The next tip would be for the region specific planet collection achievements. These achievements only care about the planet itself and not the corresponding space. So if there is a difficult space mission you could skip it and still get the region achievement. If you are going for 100% you will have to go back for the collectible eventually.

All kyber bricks are used for character upgrades so you can get the 1000 kyber brick achievement but not the “Raw, untamed power” achievement if you decide to skip some kyber bricks. Small tip but protocol droids have the easiest requirements for completing their character chart compared to every other class.

Overall all the collectibles are very doable and you can always buy rumors if there are a couple you are missing. Rumors work for puzzles, quests, and even galaxy challenges.

One thing I always forget which may be helpful is C3-PO can be split into two people for button puzzles and droids can be picked up and moved around with the force. That is needed if you every see a basketball hoop. Also if you see a soccer goal, use the force to pick up something and throw it in.

Another small note but for the ride all creatures achievement. They do mean creatures and not other mounts like speeders.

Hope this was helpful and good luck on your achievement journey.

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