Lies of P – Beginners Tips

Advice for Newcomers

Don’t fall for the trap of over leveling damage stats over things like vitality or vigor. Damage stats, while all viable, tend to fall off in scaling very quickly as oppose to other stats. Don’t ignore your damage stats just be aware you will reach the caps quickly.

The first thing I would suggest is leveling Vitality, the stat that gives you more health, to 20 and then Vigor, stamina, to 20. Capacity is a good stat as well and has no diminishing returns.

Be aware of the weight system:

  • Light 0-29%
  • Normal: 30-59%
  • Slightly Heavy: 60-79%
  • Heavy: 80% and up

As with most soulslike your rolls/dashes get faster and have less recovery and you sprint slightly faster. The difference between light and normal is noticeable, but will require you to remove all armor and be very squishy. I recommend using the heaviest defense parts and leveling capacity to stay at normal 59%. That and with 35 to 40 in vitality you will have a much easier time when learning and fighting bosses.

The weapon system allows you to change the heads of weapons with the handles of other weapons. The heads decide the amount of damage dealt through block and the amount fable, which is essentially your mana/fp bar. The handle decides the moveset and attribute scaling. Both combined affect the amount of stagger damage the weapon does and the speed of the attacks you do.

Also weapon attacks are divided into two categories, slash and stab. You have to take this into account when combining weapons. If you take something like the rapier blade with is a stabbing type and put it on the sable handle which is a slashing only moveset you will incur a damage penalty. When looking at the weapon’s head look at the attack type boxes. An equal sign means you will have full damage with that attack type and two down arrows mean a damage penalty will occur with that damage type.

There is a skill tree system in the game called the p-organ system. You use a material called Quartz to spec into it. Its divided into phases with every phase having 4 talents. To activate a talent you need to fill all nodes on that talent. For example, in phase 1 all talents cost two quartz. If you were to put one quartz in one talent and one in another talent you don’t gain the benefit of either.

Also for every two completed talents you unlock another phase. It doesn’t matter which two or which phase. You could unlock all four talents in phase 1 and that would unlock phase 2 and 3 without ever speccing into phase 2.

The legion arms are great and only get better as you upgrade them. Find which ones fit your style and use it often. I myself like puppet string and falcon eyes.

When do beat the game do not accept the game’s offer to go immediately to NG+. There will be a thing or two you can check in the hub and if you haven’t cleared out all the shops you will want to do that before NG+.

Bonus tip

The puppet strings being fully maxed out is practically cheating it is so good, can make hard fights trivial and give you a huge heads up on boss fights. I would max that 1st before looking at the other ones, but I agree on falcon eyes being a good second one.

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