Life is Strange: True Colors – 21:9 Aspect Ratio Fix

This guide will help you play in a 21:9/Ultrawide Aspect Ratio with simple hex editing.


Note: Credit goes to RoR14

Unfortunately, like in all other Life is Strange games, True Colors does not support 21:9 out of the box, instead having black bars on the sides of the screen.

However, by making a couple of hex edits, we can make the game adapt to Ultrawide screens while maintaining the original FOV.

Opening the Executable in a Hex Editor

Before we do anything else, since we’re going to do hex editing, we need a Hex Editor. I will be using HxD, a free and lightweigh one that does the trick for what we need, but any other should work all the same.

Once we open HxD, we need to load the executable of the game. To do this, go to File->Open.

Next, we go to the directory the game is in, which is:

  • [STEAMDIRECTORY]\steamapps\common\LifeIsStrange3\Siren\Binaries\Win64

Your directory will change depending on whether you have the game installed in C:, D:, etc. Alternatively, you can just go to the properties of the game->Local Files->Browse, which will take you directly to the LifeIsStrange3 folder.

Finally, we open Siren-Win64-Shipping.exe

Changing the Aspect Ratio to Y-FOV

The first thing we’re going to do is make the game switch from X-FOV to Y-FOV, so the black bars disappear. To do that, we’re going to go to Search->Replace->Hex-values, making sure Search direction is set to All.

Finally, we put this in Search for:

  • 3B 8E E3 3F

This in Replace with:

  • 8A E3 18 40

Then hit Replace all.

The program should report five occurrences have been replaced.

Unfortunately, while the black bars should have disappeared, this is not enough: the view is zoomed in compared to the original, cropped ratio.

 The “Sad” face, as well as the area of the jacket below the stickers, is missing.

To fix this, we’re going to edit some more hex code in the next, and final, step.

Changing the FOV

In the very same Replace window from the last step, we put 35 FA 0E 3C AC C5 27 37 6F in Search for, and 35 FA 3E 3C AC C5 27 37 6F in Replace with, likewise hitting Replace all. This time around, only one occurrence should have been replaced.

And that’s it! The game should now look the exact same except for a full, sweet 21:9 aspect ratio.

TL;DR for People with Technical Skills

All five instances of:

  • 3B 8E E3 3F


  • 8A E3 18 40

Instance of:

  • 35 FA 0E 3C AC C5 27 37


  • 35 FA 3E 3C AC C5 27 37


  1. Well, at this point I got used to this after playing LiS 2 and TMW on an ultra-wide monitor…

    Thanks for the hex values!

  2. thank you very much it worked I mean menu screen is still short but who cares the game is zoomed out and widescreen thanks!

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